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Has your partner already gifted you a ring marking a special occasion in your relationship? Moreover, is your engagement or wedding around the corner as well? Then perhaps you might be concerned about how to wear all your rings together, not wanting to take any of them off.

Well, there’s a very simple solution to your problem: stacking wedding rings.

You can stack all your wedding rings together to keep all of them on. However, this is not as easy as you’d imagine. Mismatched rings can take away from the beauty of all your rings. So, here’s a simple guide to stacking wedding rings or engagement rings effortlessly.

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What are Wedding Ring Stacks?

As the name suggests, wedding ring stacks are multiple rings worn together on the same finger. Besides wedding and engagement rings, some people tend to have rings to celebrate motherhood as well. Similarly, there can be numerous other occasions to celebrate with a ring.

But, how do you stack these rings along with the wedding and engagement rings? This is the fun part. You can mix and match and really play while stacking wedding rings till you get a combination you like. Whatever best shows your individual style or your commitment to your partner, you should go with that.

Besides that, here are some tips to help you stack all your motherhood, wedding, and engagement rings together.

Pair Chunky Rings with Delicate Bands

Usually, when stacking wedding rings, people tend to stick to three or four simple and delicate bands. While these certainly do look pretty, you can also throw a chunky ring or two to mix things up. A chunky ring or engagement rings with big stones can make your stacked rings stand out even further.

On the other hand, if you already have a chunky ring, don’t add too many more of them as it will not only be uncomfortable on your finger but will also look too jarring. Instead, as mentioned before, consider adding some simple bands with smaller stones to add balance to the stack.

Include Different Metals

All the same kinds of rings stacked together will look boring as well. In fact, if they have a similar design, they might look all part of one ring only and not a stack of several rings. If you include different metals in the stack, that can help break the monotony in the stack and give it a much better appearance.

If the wedding or engagement rings are already made of gold, you could now consider adding a platinum ring. Or even within gold, you could opt for a different colored gold ring. For instance, a rose gold ring goes really well with a white gold ring.

mixing and matching wedding rings

Make it Colorful with Different Stones

Another trick to stacking wedding rings is to make them more colorful by using different stones in the stack. A colorful ring stack will also be much more eye-catching and fun. You could include just one color or throw in the whole rainbow. If you want to make it more subtle, you can stick to one color but different shades to create an ombre effect in the stack.

Final Thoughts

Once you get the hang of stacking wedding rings, you don’t necessarily have to wear that stack all the time. Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can always tone things down or go all the way with the rings. Moreover, as you celebrate new occasions, more anniversaries, you might get even more rings and, as a result, more options to try stacking wedding rings in different ways.


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