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At the Sylvie Jewelry, we’re all about the diamonds, but this month it’s definitely all about the sapphire! The blue sapphire to be exact. Today we’re taking a look back into the history of our beautiful blue sapphires. We’ll let you in on a little knowledge about the sapphire itself, but let’s be honest you’re really here for all things blue! Keep on reading for all things sapphires.

sapphire engagement ring

The sapphire represents integrity, honesty, and honor. For centuries, the stone embellished the clothing of royal men. The blue essence in a sapphire is of the highest of quality over other blue gem stones such as, the topaz and the tanzanite. Princess Diana was given the first sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles. Her blue sapphire ring helped connect modern times to historical events. The sapphire dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, seen as protection stones. They were said to eliminate bad spirits and harm from coming to the community.

sapphire stone

Traditional beliefs say that sapphires represent the colored gemstone in blue. It comes from the Greek word, sappheiros, that means blue – this is why it makes the perfect something blue! Although sapphires do come in various colors from blue to pink and white, the word “sapphire” usually means the blue sapphire.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, the engagement ring became popular among royal families or the wealthy. Gemstones such as, sapphires and emeralds, were and are still popular stones for proposing matrimony. However, the blue sapphire was the most popular stone because it represented honesty, loyalty, and truth.

sapphire glass

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the demand and supply of diamonds were not high. This meant that more people were purchasing sapphires because they deemed them more rare than the diamond itself. Because of this, they preferred gemstones over the diamond. Of course, as you can probably note, the Art Deco time was also a huge period for the colored gemstones. They were popular because of their eclectic designs and honestly because the Art Deco era was all about bright and innovative textures and colors.

B0019, B0011, & B0030Blue Sapphire & Diamond Stackable Bands

sapphire stackable bands


With the blue sapphire, it brings a sense of history and royalty to the modern day. It holds a memory of the past, but brings a sense of uniqueness and modernity to the new generations purchasing engagement rings.

As many of you may know, the birthstone for September is in fact a blue sapphire! Celebrating this beautiful blue stone has brought us good energy all month long! Nowadays, the stones are worn as fashion jewelry, featured in engagement rings and even in our own Sylvie stackable bands! This gorgeous royal blue color stands out and brings a bit of strength to you in times of need. Well, if you believe what the ancient Greeks said.

With its beautiful color, the stone represents strength and good energy, which is another reason why Sylvie chose this as the Ring of the Month! This dazzling Double Halo Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring features a glamorous double halo of blue sapphires and diamonds. The white diamonds continue  on the shank for a total carat weight of 0.61.

This round double halo blue sapphire engagement ring is beautiful for the start of the colder months! With its dazzling double halo, this blue sapphire engagement ring will bring the glitz and the glamour!


double halo sapphire engagement ring


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