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Be it their matte finish to luster, yellow gold engagement rings are resurging in modern jewelry trends. The reason behind this is the rising popularity of minimalist and subtle gold jewelry, including pendants, rings, and hoop earrings. Although white gold, platinum, and rose gold are popular metal choices for engagement rings, many modern couples are opting for yellow gold, too.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of yellow gold and why they are a great option for engagement rings.

What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is created through a mixture of gold with various metals. Gold is most commonly mixed with 25 percent of silver to get a soft and buttery tone. Just when most people thought it was time to bid farewell to this metal due to the rising popularity of platinum or white gold, yellow gold made a huge comeback thanks to the resurgence of unique retro-inspired styles.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings: Should I Buy One?

Settling on an engagement ring is tough. After all, you will probably be wearing it for the rest of your life. So, it makes sense if you’re on the fence about choosing yellow gold for your engagement ring. Well, the truth is that yellow gold is an incredibly versatile metal that suits all skin tones. Not only is it hard and durable, but it also brings out the best of all gemstones.

The problem with yellow gold is that it isn’t pure gold. The crafting process includes the mixing of various gold forms with other metals for a luxurious hue. Although this doesn’t depreciate the value of the ring, the gold isn’t labeled as pure gold.

yellow gold engagement ring

yellow gold engagement ring

How to Choose a Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

There are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for a yellow gold engagement ring.

The Color Grade of the Stone

Yellow gold goes well with almost all gemstones. However, given that most engagement rings feature diamonds, it is crucial to consider the color grade of the diamond when setting your yellow gold ring with a white diamond. H+ is the most popular diamond color grade that goes spectacularly with this warm-colored metal.

Consider the Cut of the Stone

Round brilliant diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice due to their superior inner brilliance. Pairing yellow gold with a round-cut diamond will bring out the best of both the gem and the metal. To browse our beautiful collection of round engagement rings click here and remember, any Sylvie ring can be made in yellow gold!

Make Sure of the Quality

Jewelers are legally required to hallmark pieces of jewelry or other items that contain precious metals. They have to analyze a metal thoroughly to determine its purity and then mark them based on their findings. So, before buying a yellow gold ring, you must make sure that it is marked for purity.

classic oval engagement ringTorn? You can still MIX METALS!

Don’t worry if you’re torn between choosing a yellow gold ring or a white gold engagement ring, because Sylvie offers the perfect solution. Our two-tone engagement rings are the perfect mix of yellow and white gold. Any Sylvie ring can also be customized into a two-tone ring so feel free to tell your Sylvie retailer to mix and match any part of your ring in yellow or white gold!

Wrapping Up

The romantic history and beautiful warmth of yellow gold make it a fantastic choice for engagement rings. If you’re looking for something sleek and vintage, then this is the perfect metal for you!


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