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An engagement ring holds a special value and will be something that your partner wears and cherishes for the rest of their life. That’s why it is so crucial that you choose the perfect ring from the very get-go. And this does not just include the stone or design of the ring but also includes the color.

Many people go for the typical gold ring, but did you know that there are white gold engagement rings and even rose gold engagement rings? So, which one should you choose? Keep reading to find out.

How Does Gold Turn Different Colors?

Before we actually start discussing the white gold and rose gold engagement rings, it’s a good idea to understand how exactly gold rings can come in different colors. First off, gold on its own is not strong enough to be crafted into jewelry. In its pure state, the metal is too soft and malleable. That’s why jewelers usually mix it with other metals to increase its strength and shape into different jewelry. That’s why you hear the term 24k or 18k or 14k gold.

Pure gold is 24k and contains no other metal alloys. As the karats increase, it means that the ring has a higher percentage of pure gold. The lower the karat weight, the lower the percentage of gold. The mixture of other metals is also what gives the gold different colors. For instance, in rose gold engagement rings, the slightly reddish color comes from the copper mixed with the gold.

White gold jewelry is mixed with silver or palladium to give it that silver color. In the case of white gold engagement rings, they are also coated with rhodium to protect them from tarnishing. Now that you know all about gold, let’s decide whether you should go for rose gold or white gold engagement rings.

White Gold Engagement Rings

If you don’t want yellow gold and platinum is out of your budget, white gold is the perfect middle ground. It will look quite similar to a platinum ring but will cost just about the usual rate of gold rings. Since it is mixed with other metal alloys like silver or nickel, white gold is much more durable than yellow gold.

However, since metals like silver are prone to tarnishing over time, white gold rings can become dull even with the plating. Therefore, you will need to get it cleaned and polished every few years. If your partner is particularly a fan of diamonds, white gold engagement rings will be a good choice as they go nicely with the stone.

As mentioned earlier, white gold rings can contain nickel which can cause an allergic reaction for some people. So, if that’s a concern for your partner, you will need to specifically get a white gold without nickel. For allergy-free options, we also recommend a platinum engagement ring, which is the purest metal you can choose and is hypoallergenic.

pear shaped hidden halo engagement ring

pear shaped hidden halo engagement ring

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

For people who particularly like following trends, rose gold rings are a great option because they are all the hype right now. Although, white gold does have a classic charm as well. Rose gold jewelry gives off a more romantic and unique vibe. So, if you want to really show your love for your partner, a rose gold ring may just do the trick.

Moreover, rose gold rings also complement colored stones well, so you can easily make a multicolored ring as well. Similar to white gold rings, rose gold rings can trigger an allergic reaction as well due to copper. However, that same copper also makes rose gold rings much more durable than yellow or even white gold.

modern halo engagement ring with split shank in rose gold

modern halo engagement ring with split shank in rose gold

Our Final Thoughts Choosing White Gold vs. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing between white gold and rose gold engagement rings, it definitely isn’t an easy decision. Besides the things we’ve mentioned, there might be other factors to consider as well. For instance, your partner’s jewelry collection and perhaps an inclination towards a particular color, their fashion style, lifestyle, etc. If they wear stainless steel and white gold daily, then a white gold ring or even a platinum engagement ring is probably going to be a home run for you!


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