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A lot of women, when choosing engagement rings, focus on the style and look of the rings rather than how durable or convenient to carry they will be. This can be a grave oversight, especially for women who lead an active lifestyle.

In fact, we’re sure these women would testify themselves over the number of the rings, bracelets, necklaces they may have dropped or damaged while out on a run. However, that is not a risk these active women would want to take with their engagement rings.
So, here are some important tips on choosing an engagement ring for active women.

halo engagement ring with spiral band

Choose the Right Material

Whether you love going to the gym, have a job at the hospital, are a baker or hairdresser, or simply have a very active lifestyle, you will need an engagement ring that can handle all that activity. That’s why it is so important to choose the right material first.
When it comes to engagement rings, platinum is the most durable material out there. It offers much more protection for your ring from bumps and scratches. However, it is also that much more expensive. Every single Sylvie ring can be made in platinum! Browse our collection of platinum engagement rings here.

A less expensive option then is to go for engagement rings made out of palladium. These are also stronger than typical gold rings while not very expensive either. It’s also not as prone to tarnishing from constant wear and exposure as compared to other materials. However, palladium rings don’t do that well with very intricate designs or small stones.

Go for a More Secure Design

Besides the material, you will have to be mindful of the ring and stone design as well. For instance, one of the things you need to focus on is the number of prongs holding the stone. These are the small metal arms that bend over the stone to hold it in place.

As you can imagine, the more prongs there are, the more secure the stone is. However, prongs are also prone to snagging, which can then bend or break off, causing the stone to fall out. The number of prongs also depends on the shape of the stone.

For instance, a square stone will require four prongs to protect each of the corners. The corners of the stone are fragile themselves, as even a little bit of force can cause chipping or cracking. So, consider adding a round stone with no dangerous edges.

Halo engagement rings will add a layer of protection around the center stone, so halo rings are also a great choice for active women.

One of the best designs to pick when choosing an engagement ring for active women is the bezel setting. This usually completely encapsulates the stone or stones in the ring rather than having it held together with prongs, making it much more secure and tightly held in space.

Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Potential Options for Engagement Rings for Active Women

Here are a few options you could consider that will be great for women who lead an active lifestyle:

• Bezel Set Engagement Rings
• Cross / Split Shank Engagement rings
• Infinity Twist or Spiral Engagement rings
• Halo Engagement Rings

Final Thoughts

When choosing an engagement ring for active women, it’s not enough to pick out a sturdy ring. You will also have to follow it up with proper cleaning and maintenance.

For instance, if you go to the gym regularly or have a job that involves using your hands a lot, your engagement ring could start collecting sweat and dirt around it. Over time, this can make the ring appear dull. That’s why you have to regularly clean it with a soft brush, or you could take it to your jeweler for a proper clean and polish.


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