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Steve Levine Joins Sylvie Jewelry As Director of Operations, Gary Levine Transitions To Director Of Business Development

Sylvie Jewelry is proud to announce a major organizational update. Steve Levine, the second son of founders Sylvie and Ian Levine, will be joining the company as Director of Operations. Gary Levine, who has served in the operational role for the last two years, will be making a lateral move to Director of Business Development, leveraging his vast expertise to further expand the brand’s reach. Steve brings rich analytical and strategic proficiency gained from his time at Paramount Specialty Finance. Here he excelled in private lending, financial due diligence, and establishing strong client relationships for the firm. Prior to Paramount,

Sylvie’s Top Designer Picks 2023

In this blog, I am excited to share with you a selection of my personal favorites from my exquisite range of engagement rings. As a designer, I have been privileged to design pieces that stand as a beacon of love and commitment for their wearers. In line with our brand’s core purpose, our pieces are made to celebrate life’s most precious moments. Here are my top designer picks for 2023.   Cliodhna      Radiant Cut Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring   I really like how clean and simple this ring looks, with the signature Sylvie Shell™ profile and the refined bezel. 

Sylvie Changes Domain Name to

Dallas, TEXAS – Sylvie Jewelry is excited to announce that it has updated its domain name to The move marks the culmination of its brand evolution launched last year. While the domain name has changed, the previous domain,, directs visitors to the brand’s new website. Sylvie Jewelry’s new website offers a more content-rich and educational user experience in an effort to empower visitors to gain a deeper understanding of engagement ring and fine jewelry shopping. “This website is built for a new generation of customers that does not like to be sold – they crave knowledge, transparency, and

Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Adore

Your wedding day is not just about celebrating your love – it is also about honoring the special people who have stood by your side throughout your journey and are present to help you celebrate such a big milestone in your life. Your bridesmaids, your closest confidantes, and supporters, deserve to feel cherished and appreciated on this momentous occasion. And what better way to express your gratitude than by gifting them with accessories to complement their beauty? These thoughtfully selected pieces will not only make your bridesmaids feel special, but also serve as lasting reminders of the joy and love

June Bride Accessory Guide

Sylvie embraces bridal elegance through a stunning array of bridal accessories. From delicate necklaces that gracefully accentuate the neckline to intricate bracelets that sprinkle a touch of sparkle onto the wrist, and earrings that illuminate the face to other captivating pieces, each creation is purposeful to enhance your bridal ensemble. Let’s look at our top picks for this June Bride Accessory Guide. Curved Diamond Necklace – NL242 For a timeless and sophisticated appearance, consider this gorgeous, curved necklace in yellow gold adorned with 6 carats of brilliant round diamonds. The combination of the bright diamonds and the lustrous yellow gold

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

As time goes on, our love for our significant other only continues to grow and deepen. And while the memories of our special day remain evergreen, the symbols of those memories may need a little updating. Celebrating a marriage milestone by upgrading your engagement ring can be a beautiful way to honor your love story. With Sylvie, the possibilities for adding extra sparkle are endless. From a new halo to a wider band, or even a larger carat size, there are numerous ways to refresh the look of your engagement ring and make it feel new again. Hello Halo Adding

Honoring Heirloom Rings

Honoring heirloom rings is a special way to commemorate family history and add a meaningful touch to your wedding day. An heirloom ring is a piece of jewelry that has been passed down through generations and carries with it the love and memories of those who wore it before. At Sylvie, we understand the importance of family and tradition, and we want to help you find ways to incorporate heirloom rings into your modern wedding plans. In this upcoming blog, we will share tips and ideas for honoring heirloom rings, from creative ways to wear them to how to properly

How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

One of the most significant decisions in selecting an engagement ring is the carat size. The carat size determines the weight and size of the diamond, which ultimately impacts the ring’s appearance, value, and cost. However, finding the perfect carat size can be challenging for many people. To help you make an informed decision, we will discuss the things to consider when determining the ideal number of carats for a diamond engagement ring. What is a Good Carat Size for Diamond Engagement Rings? The ideal carat size for an engagement ring depends on personal preference, budget, and style. While some

What to Engrave on an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

An engagement ring symbolizes a couple’s love, commitment, and the promise of a future together. Adding a personal touch to this already meaningful piece of jewelry makes it even more special. Engraving your engagement ring or wedding ring allows you to express your unique love story and create a lasting memory that you and your partner will cherish forever. In this article, we will explore various ideas for what to engrave on an engagement ring, as well as discuss the significance and practical aspects of ring engraving. Whether you are looking for engagement ring engraving ideas or guidance on what

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and a promise of forever. It is a significant piece of jewelry that represents the love and affection between two people. The engagement ring you choose says a lot about your personality, your style, and your taste. From the diamond shape to the setting, every detail of an engagement ring reveals something about the wearer.     In this article, we will explore what your engagement ring says about you and what different diamond shapes symbolize. Oval Engagement Rings What does an oval engagement ring mean? Oval engagement rings have been


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