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White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one other white metal, such as zinc, copper, silver, palladium, or nickel. It is the next best option if you don’t like the look of yellow gold and platinum is out of your budget. White gold engagement rings look similar to platinum rings but cost just about the same as yellow gold rings.

If your significant other is a fan of diamonds, a white gold engagement ring is a good choice since it pairs nicely with the stone.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with hidden halo

However, white gold rings that contain nickel that can cause allergic reactions for some people. If your partner is one of them, consider getting a white gold engagement ring without nickel.

Let’s look at white gold rings in more detail.

Is White Gold Durable?

White gold is less durable than platinum but much more durable than yellow gold. The greater the karat, the less durable the gold usually is. White gold alloy tends to become softer as its purity improves. In contrast, platinum is denser than alloyed white gold and has natural durability much superior to yellow and white gold.

However, even though white gold is not as dense or as hard as platinum, it is the second most durable alloy. If you care for it properly, it will keep up its luster and shine for many years.

The Difference between Yellow Gold and White Gold

The most significant difference between yellow and gold is of the alloy mix. Yellow gold is natural, and it exists in pure form, but there is no such thing as natural white gold. It is artificially created by mixing gold with white metal to create the white color.

Pros of Buying White Gold Engagement Rings

One of the most significant advantages of buying white gold engagement rings is that the bands are of a neutral silver color. This color does not affect the color of the center stone at all. Usually, gemstones reflect the color of the metal in which they are set and can appear to have a tint of color if the metal is colored. Fortunately, this is not the case with white gold. The center stone will only reflect the silvery-white gold metal without resulting in any noticeable shade differences.

unique engagement ring in white gold S1389-OV by Sylvie

White gold is much cheaper than platinum. It is also shinier and less dull, making it a valuable and yet cost-effective option. It also has the same appearance as silver but is much more hard-wearing.

White gold is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a white, silvery appearance rather than yellow gold. The durability and the neutral shade of a white gold ring make it perfect for all types of stones. It not only looks classic and elegant but suits all outfits and events.

How to Care for White Gold Rings

Here are some simple steps that you can carry out to ensure that white gold engagement rings last as long as possible:
• Remember to remove white gold rings before you carry out tasks that will make your hands dirty.
• Do not go for a swim while wearing white gold, as the chemicals in the water can react with the alloy plating.
• Keep white gold away from other metals, or the plating may rub off.
• Clean white gold rings regularly with jewelry cleaner.
• Take off white gold rings when sleeping or bathing.
• Don’t wear white gold rings daily. Wear them o special occasions instead.

Final Words

White gold engagement rings are elegant and classic choices that will make your partner gasp in awe when you propose. They complement fair and rosy as well as darker skin tones gracefully. They are also affordable and last for decades! Buy a white gold engagement ring for your loved ones today to steal their heart.


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