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Fall is finally here & we can’t wait for all the fall proposals! The leaves are changing colors, the chilly air is rolling in, and your bride to be is waiting. Fall is all about change, so why not take the biggest step and change your relationship status: we’re talking fall proposals! Perhaps fall is the perfect time for a romantic proposal to your significant other. If your planning your fall proposal, you’re going to want the proposal to reflect the season! Go for a setting that is more romantic, cozy, and out of the box. Think simple yet detail oriented – something your bride would specifically love. You know your bride so definitely think about that before choosing to propose in a more simple or out of the box way. Make your fall to remember with one of our sparkling unique engagement rings! Keep on reading for our fall proposal ideas!

Lake Day

Taking a day out on the lake? Try for late September/early October when the leaves are changing colors, but the air is still warm. It’ll be beautiful outside and lets face it what bride doesn’t love fall foliage? You can propose on the boat surrounded by family and friends or plan a picnic by the late for a more intimate scene. When she’s setting up the picnic or chatting with her friends on the boat you kneel down behind her and… POP the question! This proposal can be for the more intimate or public so depending on your bride you can make it your own.

Proposal Long Lake September Wide Angle

Photo Credit: Joeandrobin.com

Apple Picking

Fit for the intimate bride this gorgeous proposal is still in public, but still private because you are apple picking together. Catch a gorgeous sunset, open a bottle of wine, and express your love for this lady just the two of you. Find an apple picking field and put on an impromptu photo shoot with your soon to be fiancé. For an unforgettable proposal, sweep her off her feet with a moment she’ll never forget. Such a gorgeous proposal for fall with ready to pick apples, a setting sun, and the love you two share.

orchard 1872997 1920

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins? It can’t get more fall than this! This is the perfect setting for any fall proposals. Plan a day of carving pumpkins together and she won’t suspect a thing! You can propose while you carve the pumpkins or during the photos after you’re done. Whichever you choose, your bride will never forget this moment between just you two.

pumpkin 4461665 1920

Outdoor Movie night

Plan a romantic night with your S.O. and make her your bride to be! Don’t forget the hidden photographer so your fiancé can treasure the memory of you proposing. A perfect proposal that is sweet, romantic, and perfect for any bride to be who wants a proposal in a more public setting. Depending on where you live there will be movie nights out on the lawn or fall themed movie nights at your local food hall. Such a great setting for such a wonderful moment between the two of you.

Galileo open air cinema

Photo credit: Insideguide.co.za


A proposal and a holiday she’ll never forget. Such a great way to propose on a day where all her family and yours is around. If she is into public surprises you’ll throw her off with this one, but she’ll be thanking you in the end. For this sweet fall proposal, hide the ring in her glass of champagne or bring her a slice of pumpkin pie with the ring on top! BUT make sure she doesn’t eat it. With this proposal you can spend the rest of the day with your family talking wedding and just enjoying quality time together without having to plan anything.

Amanda Michael Proposal Oct 2014 13

Photo credit: Howtheyasked.com

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