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sapphire oval cut engagement ring S1848

We’re saying hello to fall with this sparkling birthstone of the month: Blue Sapphire – The September Birthstone! This sparkling gemstone is traditionally blue in color, but can range from pink, white, and blue which pops for the fall. Our blue sapphire gemstones can be worn with engagement rings, earrings, and even our stackable bands. This unique gemstone is said to represent honesty, integrity, and loyalty. They are said to be gemstones that eliminate bad spirits and harm from coming to you.

sapphire stackable bands sylvie collection B0019 B0011 B0030

A little history behind the peridot: For centuries, the stone embellished the clothing of royal men. The blue essence in a sapphire is of the highest of quality over other blue gem stones such as, the topaz and the tanzanite. Princess Diana was given the first sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles. Her blue sapphire ring helped connect modern times to historical events.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but the blue sapphire is the perfect match for the bride to be who wants something a little out of the box & unique! This gemstone also keeps the price lower to fit your budget! The blue sapphire stone makes a beautiful addition to your white gold engagement ring as in the photo above as well as in these sparkling diamond and blue sapphire stackable bands. We just can’t get enough of this unique gemstone for September!


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