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Digital marketing is the HOLY GRAIL when it comes to selling luxury goods such as, engagement rings and fine jewelry. If you’ve been looking for a social media platform with features that will boost sales and engagement, look no further than Instagram Stories! Considering social media plays such a huge role in enhancing your digital space, using the tailored features that come along with these social platforms should be number one priority!

Along with a new face, color scheme and logo, Instagram has become one of the largest marketing tools for businesses everywhere. With jewelry – Imagery is key! Sharing content live is what consumers look for and honestly, it is what they need when you are showing off beautiful gems. Instagram story is all about what is happening right now as the photo or video story erases after 24 hours. A key idea to using Instagram story is interacting with consumers digitally “face to face.” Being able to engage through videos and boomerangs make for fun and interactive content that nowadays is what draws an audience in.

Jewelry retailers can thrive using Instagram story for all its various features that it has to offer. Below are five key secrets that you will keep you on the road to success with your business!

Navigating marketing tips on Instagram utilizing one of Instagram’s greatest features

  1. Promotions & Giveaways

An Instagram story is a great tool for getting the word out about any upcoming giveaways or promotions. You can use video, flat lay photos, and even incorporate fun fonts and colors that work with your theme for that week or month! If you have an ongoing campaign such as, holiday promotions or summer giveaways, a great way to incorporate Instagram Story is utilizing the “highlights feature“. This feature allows you to save those disappearing stories into let’s call it an archive for future viewing.


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With giveaways, this would allow for your consumer to check back in on the rules or what your company is giving away! It will keep them interested and serve as a tool for getting new consumers signed up since they might not check back at your older posts. Creating an incentive such as, promotional codes or highlights for “giving something away” is a great tool to use to entice your audience.

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  1. Boomerangs, Branded Fonts and Colors

Everyone, well mostly everyone, like posts that are crisp, clean, and beautifully laid out. From jewelry photos to influencer fashion shots, audiences thrive off aesthetically pleasing photos and this is where using a theme or branded content comes into play. Sticking to a theme or a group of posts that work cohesively with the brand is what ultimately draws a consumer in. They want to see that the brand is working towards creating an image that has been given a lot of thought.


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A way to stick to the so called “theme”, but still have some fun is to use boomerangs in your Instagram stories! Boomerangs are the NEW videos of the internet that allow you to create fun and captivating videos that catch the eye of your consumers. These fun and quirky additions to your story will help you not only share content but will make it pop! Use this feature to pose with the product or show a quick “sneak peek” behind the scenes moment. Boomerangs are a great way to put a personal twist on your posts while keeping the aesthetic of your regular posts intact.

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  1. Engage with video appearances – demos and presentations

Videos are all what it’s about in 2018! And it’s not going anywhere so get ready for much more!

Interaction is key in this day because it’s the best way for your consumer to connect with you on a personal level. It helps that they can see you and grasp one on one what you are demonstrating or talking about that day!

For jewelry stories, its best to incorporate behind the scenes videos that include demos of a specific type of ring, how to clean them, or even a fun live video about how to choose metals, shapes, etc.

  1. Going Live

A great way to circle back to using videos is to incorporate Q and A’s & How To’s. This is where you can get much more personal with your audience, while also teaching them something more about your brand. Using the Live feature in this case allows for consumers to ask questions or see demonstration about a specific ring or jewelry piece that they have been eyeing on your Instagram. Interacting with your consumers will not only help them connect with you better, but it will boost your engagement because people want information and they want it now. Using the live feature is essential in this market because it is your one chance to really show off the beauty of your products without being in front of the consumer.

  1. IMG 0201 002 Linking & Swiping up

Instagram has officially done the hard part for you of getting consumers from your Instagram to the cart to purchase. Now it is as simple as putting a link on your Instagram story and adding the swipe up feature to allow them immediate access to whatever product or item you are showing them! They can go right online to your website without clicking out, which is great because when they are done it directs them right back to your story! Links are essential in posts, blogs, and even video segments so use them!

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The swipe up feature is just an easy way to get your consumers from one page to another – eliminating as many steps will keep your interaction up! If you’re building a strong Instagram presence stick with Instagram stories! You won’t regret it!



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