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Sylvie Bridal Spotlight: Katherine F. & Franklin

SAY HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SYLVIE BRIDE & GROOM, KATHERINE F. & FRANKLIN HOW THEY MET We met in March of 2019 and started dating shortly thereafter. After our first date, we hung out everyday for a month. We were INSEPARABLE. I think we both knew very early on that we had something special. We actually met on a dating app. One of his friends convinced him to join – I was the first person he met and the rest is history! HOW DID YOU KNOW THEY WERE THE ONE? I knew I was going to be with Franklin

Fall Proposals: Top 5 Ways to Pop the Question

Fall is finally here & we can’t wait for all the fall proposals! The leaves are changing colors, the chilly air is rolling in, and your bride to be is waiting. Fall is all about change, so why not take the biggest step and change your relationship status: we’re talking fall proposals! Perhaps fall is the perfect time for a romantic proposal to your significant other. If your planning your fall proposal, you’re going to want the proposal to reflect the season! Go for a setting that is more romantic, cozy, and out of the box. Think simple yet detail

The Birthstone of August: Peridot

Say hello to August with this dazzling birthstone: Peridot! We’re welcoming August with this sparkling August birthstone of the month: Peridot! This sparkling gemstone is traditionally greenish in color, but can range from a yellowish green to a vivid bright green which pops for the summer. Our peridot gemstones can be worn with engagement rings, earrings, and even our stackable bands. This unique gemstone is said to bring good luck to those born in August. It is said to protect from feelings of fear and envy while providing divine inspiration and strength among those who wear it. A little history

Top 3 Destination Proposal Spots for the Summer

A perfect summer proposal? We got you covered! With a Sylvie engagement ring and a perfectly planned proposal idea… it’s possible! Since of course, there are so many places you can propose in the summer, we are sharing some of our favorite proposal spots to pop the question! Whether it’s an exotic vacation like Hawaii or a more intimate proposal in the park, your future bride will definitely say yes! You know her heart so definitely think about that before choosing a place with a lot of people or a more intimate place. You only get to propose once (we

Our Best Selling Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Sylvie’s Best Selling Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Rings for the holidays! With the fall season in full swing, we’re embracing every bit of it. We’re bringing out the comfy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly, our yellow gold engagement rings! For the fall, we’re bringing the glam and the sparkle. This time of year brings color changing leaves, gorgeous sunsets, and all of the romantic settings for the perfect proposal. Let her know how much you love her this fall with one of our Sylvie Jewelry yellow gold halo engagement rings. Keep on reading for our best-selling pieces! Pear

Tips on How to Write Your Proposal Speech

Proposing to your partner can be one of the scariest, and most exciting things a man (or woman) will ever do in their lifetime. In fact, it is said to be the most important moment you’ll ever plan. But have no fear, this How to Propose starter kit includes the setting, the timing and of course, the right words! When creating a proposal speech, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it needs to catch her off guard, and perhaps, make her tear up a bit. Whether it is memorable or not, the truth is that she

The Best Ways to Announce Your Engagement

by dolgachov – yayimages.com Did he just put a ring on it? Well, congratulations! But before you get caught up with planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding band, and picking out the diamond jewelry for your big day – there is one extremely important thing that you need to take care of – announce the engagement to your loved ones! Most people wouldn’t pay much attention to it and might just resort to a simple phone call to break the news. That does not mean you have to follow suit. Think of something different and meaningful. We’ve got five

The Best Winter Proposal Ideas

Snow, autumn leaves and the cold weather might be one of the most romantic times of the year, when everything is covered in sparkling white snow and you have every opportunity to huddle closer together to the love of your life in the front of a blazing fire.Imagine you have a cup of warm chocolate and you look into their eyes and tell them how much you love them. Not that you can’t do that in the summer,but winter gives the whole world a makeover and gives it a romantic sheen that lovers can’t ignore. Have you ever wondered why

Top 10 Places to Propose In Fall/Winter

It’s cold outside; snow is falling, gales of winds are blowing and giving you runny noses and blushed cheeks. While autumn is turning the leaves reddish orange and the snow is beginning to add a stark contrast to the high rises in your city or to the slanted roofs in your quaint little town, it is the perfect time to propose to the love of your life. While most people wait for New Year’s Eve or Christmas to speak what is in their hearts, you don’t have to do so. Why should you wait when all you want to do

How To Plan A Beach Proposal That Will Make Her Say Yes!

A beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, cool breeze, ruffling the hair of your loved one, and the calm, soothing sound of ocean waves crashing on the sand. Is there a better way to propose with a diamond engagement ring? We think not! Here’s how to plan a beach proposal!


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