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happy couple with engagement ring on skating rink
It’s cold outside; snow is falling, gales of winds are blowing and giving you runny noses and blushed cheeks. While autumn is turning the leaves reddish orange and the snow is beginning to add a stark contrast to the high rises in your city or to the slanted roofs in your quaint little town, it is the perfect time to propose to the love of your life.

While most people wait for New Year’s Eve or Christmas to speak what is in their hearts, you don’t have to do so. Why should you wait when all you want to do is give all of yourself to the love of your life and proudly say that your heart belongs to them forever? Seeing the shock on her/his face, misty eyes and the love practically emanating from them should be an inspiration and motivation enough to choose fall as the perfect time to propose.

If your heart is bursting with the giddiness and excitement to get down on your knees and bring out the spectacular ring that your purchased a long time ago, choose any one of the following ideas to ensure he/she says yes.

  • Rake out the leaves in their yard to spell out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” This will not only show them how much you love them and want to marry them, but will also show how handy you are with yard work.
  • During the holiday season, celebration lights are all rage. Use that to your advantage and write out your proposal with the lights that are surprisingly maneuverable. Place them in a large space, either in a yard, a garden or the parking lot of their apartment building, or even a roof. Place a family member inside while you bring them outside and then, give a signal to switch on the lights to make the proposal visible.
  • Build a snowman who is proposing and bring out the love of your life outside. As soon as they see the snowman, get down on your knees in the same position and pop out the ring.
  • If your town is covered in snow in the winter season, take your soon-to-be-fiancé on a sleigh ride, and while you are covered from the cold wind and huddled under a blanket, propose to them as you keep them warm in your embrace.
  • Take her to a ski resort and when you are climbing up in the ski lift together, say what is in your heart and propose in mid air.
  • Hide the ring in one of their gloves and see the look of pure shock turning into a look of pleasure as they realize the full meaning of the ring. However, be sure that you hide the ring in gloves that they actually like to wear.
  • Build a snowman and build an outstretched hand that can hold the ring box or you can tie the ring to his scarf. Call him/her out to look at your artistic skills with the snowman and ask their opinion of the snowman. As they are judging how well you made it, they are bound to see the ring, which will be your cue to get down on your knees.
  • Prepare hot chocolate and light a fire in the hearth. Then huddle closer together while you sip on the warm beverage and take out the ring to propose. Prepare some words of love and tell her how you feel. If you want, you can alternate hot chocolate with wine or a beverage that she prefers; but, let’s be real, who doesn’t love hot chocolate?
  • If you live near the mountains or they are just a short road trip away, there is nothing more romantic and memorable than proposing on a snow-covered mountaintop, with blue sky above and snow as far the eyes can see.
  • Take a walk among the fallen leaves. The autumnal charm of the reddish-yellow leaves will undoubtedly warm her heart, forcing her to say yes when you pop the question.

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