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A beautiful stretch of white sandy beach, cool breeze, ruffling the hair of your loved one, and the calm, soothing sound of ocean waves crashing on the sand. Is there a better way to propose with a diamond engagement ring? We think not! A beach, with its complimentary natural elements, can provide a spectacular, memorable and extremely romantic setting for you to propose with a unique engagement ring and to ensure that you get an enthusiastic yes from the love of your life.

Once you’ve made the decision to plan a beach proposal, the choice of where to go can only get you so far. First, you have to determine HOW you are going to propose. The personality of your future fiancé will need to be considered carefully before you decide on making your grand gesture. Here are some creative ways to propose on a beach to ensure that after you get down on your knees with a diamond engagement ring and make the proposal, the only sound echoing with the sound of waves is a resounding yes!

Sand Art

Writing a message in the sand is old school but a classic nonetheless. This proposal strategy has resulted in millions of yes’s. Imagine just the two of you on a secluded beach spot, with a beautiful view of the sea, walking hand in hand to the point where the message is written and see her eyes widening slightly, as the meaning dawns on her and realization hits her. This is the time for you to take out a diamond engagement ring, like our Swirl Engagement Ring Two Tone or the Modern Romantic Double-Halo Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring, and take her breath away. However, to pull this off, you might need the help of a few friends and to be apprised of the weather conditions to avoid high tide, which can wash away all your hard work.

A Romantic Bonfire

There is something romantic and magical about bonfires and late night beach picnics, if they are done right. The most complicated part of arranging that is to choose a secluded spot on the beach, where high tide won’t reach and the wind is not very strong. Get the help of a friend to light the bonfire and set up a romantic bottle of wine (preferably champagne), flowers that she likes and finger food to eat. As you get there, gather her into your arms, snuggle together while gazing at the dying ambers and tell her why she makes your life special and how precious she is to you. Then whip out one of our unique engagement rings, like Ruby Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring or Vintage Inspired Halo Engagement Ring and set her heart on fire.

princess cut engagement ringBe Her Prince Charming

Bending down to one knee and professing your love to her with a diamond engagement ring is one of the most amazing ways to propose. The greatest part of planning for a romantic beach proposal is to ensure that your partner is going to remember it for the rest of her life and an image of you on a bended knee will be a dream come true for her. Make her feel like a princess by choosing one of our princess cut diamond engagement rings like Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring or Sparkling Split-Shank Princess Halo Diamond Engagement Ring  and bring her over to the moon, by proposing in a fairy-tale beach setting. Stop during a beach stroll, gaze into her eyes, take her hands gently and bend down to one knee. Before you even say a word, she will know what you are up to, and a simple gesture will do half your work for you. Be careful when choosing your words, as they will be imprinted on her mind for the rest of her life.


Proposing to the love of your life with a diamond engagement ring can be a dominating task that can make any man anxious. However, with a beach proposal, paired with a unique engagement ring from Sylvie’s Collection, she will definitely say yes.

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