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Proposing to your partner can be one of the scariest, and most exciting things a man (or woman) will ever do in their lifetime. In fact, it is said to be the most important moment you’ll ever plan. But have no fear, this How to Propose starter kit includes the setting, the timing and of course, the right words!

When creating a proposal speech, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it needs to catch her off guard, and perhaps, make her tear up a bit. Whether it is memorable or not, the truth is that she is going to describe every detail of that night, right from what you ordered for appetizers to how your voice quivered when you asked, “Will you marry me?” to all her friends, family, coworkers and especially those that she secretly despises. The next morning, you are going to wake up to a frenzy of social meet chatter about how you popped the question, so why not give her something amazing to gloat about?

Make your proposal speech a story worth telling.  While we are at it, don’t just steal quotes from any rom-com movie, unless of course, she is a fan. The idea is to make it as personalized as possible. She might not be “wooed” by deep poetry if she is an outgoing, social butterfly kind-of-a-woman. She might want the fireworks or paint-the-town-red kind of stuff. If she’s shy, try a more intimate, subtle approach. The take from this – make the proposal specific to her personality and taste.

We can understand, we have just put a lot of pressure on you, but we are here to help. Here are a few tips that might help you deliver a Yes-worthy proposal speech.

1. Pick the Location:

The location is just as important as the ring! For a traditional approach, choose a five star restaurant and propose during desert. Pair your proposal with champagne. If you’re a goofball who likes a little attention, opt for something totally outrageous like a flash mob or on stage at a concert. For more private, reserved couples, plan a well thought out treasure hunt at her favorite outdoor park or in your house. Just the two of you. Other popular ideas include boat rides, mountain hikes, ferris wheels, or on the beach during vacation (don’t forget to spell out “marry me” with seashells in the sand).

2. Pour your heart out:

As clichéd as it may sound, every girl wants to hear how she makes you feel. You may not be a big fan of words and prefer showing affection only through your actions, but this time around, you will have to speak up. And not just speak; leave her with absolutely no reason to reject. Don’t just tell her you love her, show her.

3. Tell her how she brightens up your life:

Start by making a list of reason why you love her and why you want her to be your wife. Incorporate 2 or 3 of those reasons into your speech, even if it is as insignificant as her brushing her fingers through your hair before you go to sleep. Include every detail in the speech that makes you fall in love with her all over again, don’t hesitate. She needs to know!

4. Keep it short and simple:

Most girls go into this zone when they are proposed to. They barely hear half of what is being said as they are either in shock, or they’re already planning a wedding in their head! Why waste the moment with some Shakespearean mumbo jumbo when she won’t even remember half of it? Keep it to three to four sentences. The best part, you won’t have to spend too much time memorizing it!

5. Be YOU:

You may dress up but don’t act differently. She wants to see the man she is going to marry in her eyes and not some fictional character proposing to her. After all, she fell in love with you and it is only fair that the same person proposes to her. If you’re more reserved and traditional, talk about family values. If you’re a couple of faith, speak to God’s plan for the two of you. If you’re a goofball whom she fell in love because you make her laugh, include a joke in the speech! Put in as much of your personality into the speech so that she really knows that it is genuine.

And that is it! You will have a proposal speech ready in no time. Once you have it prepared, rehearse it a couple of times so that you don’t stumble on words and make it awkward for her. But don’t over rehearse as it might take the emotion out of it. It should feel like the perfect fusion of a prepared yet heartfelt proposal speech.

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