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Sylvie - Platinum Engagement Ring

Sylvie’s platinum engagement ring features 0.11 carats of diamonds and fits a 1-carat round center stone.

Platinum is associated with high standards in our society. A music album that is designated “Platinum” has reached the pinnacle of success. A Platinum credit card carries the highest credit limit. The world’s most famous gems, such as the Hope Diamond, are cradled in platinum. It is much more rare than silver or gold so it is not used as extensively in jewelry-making, but it is definitely the best of the best. Here are some facts you may not know about this precious metal:

  1. It takes 10 tons of ore and five months to generate one ounce of Platinum Bullion.
  2. The pre-Columbian Indians used Platinum in relatively pure form.
  3. Platinum does not oxidize in air at any temperature, making it an excellent choice for jewelry; however, it is corroded by cyanides, halogens, sulfur, and caustic alkalis, so care should be taken not to expose platinum jewelry to household chemicals.
  4. Platinum is hypo-allergenic, which also makes it ideal for jewelry.
  5. Annual mining of Platinum yields about 200 tons, compared to 1800 tons of gold.
  6. Platinum is called a “noble metal” because its scarcity made it available only to aristocrats and royalty. Julius C. Scaliger described a then-unknown noble metal which no fire had been able to liquefy (it has a melting point of 3216 degrees F and a boiling point of 6917 degrees F). The unknown noble metal he referred to was Platinum.
  7. Because of its durability, diamonds and other precious gems are sometimes set in platinum prongs regardless of the metal used in the band or setting.
  8. Platinum has the ability to conduct electricity.
  9. The element name comes from the Spanish word ‘platina’ meaning “little silver.”
  10. Although Platinum is relatively rare on Earth, it is much more common on the Moon and in meteorites.

Platinum’s silvery-white brilliance is a beautiful complement to diamonds, as seen in Sylvie’s Platinum collection.

For more information about Platinum, visit the Platinum Guild International, a worldwide marketing organization dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewelry. Also follow them on the Platinum Jewelry Facebook page.


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