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Say hello to August with this dazzling birthstone: Peridot!

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We’re welcoming August with this sparkling August birthstone of the month: Peridot! This sparkling gemstone is traditionally greenish in color, but can range from a yellowish green to a vivid bright green which pops for the summer. Our peridot gemstones can be worn with engagement rings, earrings, and even our stackable bands. This unique gemstone is said to bring good luck to those born in August. It is said to protect from feelings of fear and envy while providing divine inspiration and strength among those who wear it.

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A little history behind the peridot: In ancient times, miners used to mine this stone in the moonlight as it made it easier for them to find the crystals. They marked the location of the crystals and then came back in the daylight to find them again and dig them up. The most valued Peridots originate from Germany, Zagbargad Island (Red Sea), Australia, Myanmar, Brazil, Pakistan, Arizona, Mexico and Hawaii. Egyptians often used the Peridot stone in practice to protect and heal the heart.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but the peridot is the perfect match for the bride to be who wants something a little out of the box & unique! This gemstone also keeps the price lower to fit your budget! The peridot stone makes a beautiful addition to your rose gold engagement ring as in the photo above as well as in these sparkling yellow gold diamond and peridot earrings. We just can’t get enough of this unique gemstone for August!

Looking for the perfect peridot gift? Try these beautiful peridot diamond earrings from your nearest Sylvie Jewelry authorized retailer.

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