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The Ideal Engagement Ring for Your Zodiac Sign

There are four powerful elements of the 12 zodiac signs– fire, water, air, and earth – that help create each sign’s distinctive personality traits. Your unique astrological sign can tell you what characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses you possess, and may help you find the perfect engagement ring for your zodiac sign. From the stone shape and unique metal to the style and design, did you know that your zodiac sign can help you choose the perfect engagement ring that fits your unique character? If you’re curious about which diamond engagement ring best matches your star sign, keep scrolling. Ideal Rings

Best Tips for Buying a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The pear-shaped diamond cut is a combination of the round-brilliant and marquise cut. With one curved and one pointy end, this diamond cut is also known as the teardrop shape. The pear-cut has been around for hundreds of years and is used as the side stone on an engagement ring. However, many people have also started using this unique diamond shape as the center stone on solitaire engagement rings. Pear-shaped diamonds for engagement rings have become increasingly popular due to their similarities with the round-brilliant cut, mainly that fantastic sparkle it exudes through its various facets. Great skill is required

How to find the Perfect Unique Engagement Ring

When you’ve finally found your once-in-a-lifetime love and are ready to pop the big question, it makes sense to want to propose with an engagement ring that is as unique as them. An engagement ring is a forever token that embodies the love and relationship you and your partner share. Getting them a unique ring that is as unique as the love you share is something that will stick with you both for life. That said, we have put together some tips to help you find a perfect unique engagement ring from award-winning engagement ring designer, SYLVIE! Select a Diamond

What you need to know about Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

A Guide to Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: What you need to know Pear-shaped engagement rings are gaining massive popularity, and it is evident why. Not only are these teardrop-shaped pieces stunning, eye-catching, and timeless, but they also offer your finger an elongated and flattering look. Additionally, regardless of the size of the stone, a pear-shaped diamond is tailored to offer a little more sparkle than other shapes. If you’re mulling over whether you should opt for a pear-shaped engagement ring, this guide can help you make the right choice. Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: What are they? Shaped in the form of an

Why You Should Choose an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring!

Even though a new diamond shape arises in popularity every few years, oval diamonds have maintained a pristine image as one of the most timeless cuts. The most extraordinary aspect of this traditional diamond cut is that it flatters every finger type and carat. An oval diamond ring is a modified version of the round cut. Even though they both share similar characteristics, an oval cut diamond’s elongated shape gives the illusion of size. So, if you want a big, beautiful diamond ring with remarkable brilliance and gorgeous bling, then diamond oval rings are for you! What Makes Diamond Oval

How to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond

5 Tips to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond Oval cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially when it comes to engagement rings. While round diamonds are timeless, oval diamonds are equally classy and sophisticated. The oval diamond shape is a combination of the round brilliant and pear-shaped diamond. Just like a round-cut diamond, an oval-cut diamond contains 58 facets that give it excellent sparkle. If this is your first time buying an oval-cut diamond ring, here are a few tips to help you choose the best one. 1.     Select the Ratio An oval shape doesn’t have any

What Are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Are you thinking about getting an emerald cut engagement ring for your significant other? Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have become incredibly popular among celebrities in recent years, so we applaud your sense of style. But have you ever wondered why Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Beyonce have proudly sported such rings in the past? We’ll let you in on a secret – the design of an emerald cut engagement ring draws focus on the stone, making it prominent and bigger than other diamond shapes that you find in local jewelry shops. Moreover, the vertical facets of the diamond create

Fall Inspired Wedding Bands and Decor

Fall Inspired Wedding Bands and Decor When the air turns crisp and the leaves start changing colors, you know that fall has arrived. It’s time for fall décor, lots of photos with pumpkins, and beautiful backdrops of bright orange fall foliage. Being that it is most people’s favorite time of the year, it is also the most popular time to get married (around October and November). A beautiful rustic wedding that allows you to be as creative you want with décor, florals, and greenery. We are sharing some of our traditional and more modern takes on a fall wedding. Of

Sylvie Fashion Rings That’ll Make You Say Oh La La

Fashion Jewelry made By a woman, For a woman Although most well known for our bridal collections, the Sylvie Jewelry is also comprised of a gorgeous collection of fashion jewelry for the everyday woman. From fashion rings to pendants, this line of pieces are just as dazzling as the last. Check out our Sylvie Fashion Rings that’ll have you asking for more! Fashion Rings make great pieces for everyday wear from going to work or a night out with your girlfriends. They also can spice up any look and where diamonds are involved, your look will always be top notch.


WELCOMING SEPTEMBER WITH SYLVIE’S RING OF THE MONTH, A SOLITAIRE ENGAGEMENT RING! This stunning solitaire engagement ring features a beautiful 3 carat round brilliant diamond in a prong setting, atop a shank of shimmering pave diamonds. The total weight is 0.69 carats. This unique solitaire diamond engagement ring is easily customizable with different metals and details that can make this ring uniquely yours. With such a stunning solitaire engagement ring, it’s hidden halo is the cherry on top of an already beautiful ring. This ring features that hint of trendiness with it’s pave band and hidden halo that the fashion


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