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Even though a new diamond shape arises in popularity every few years, oval diamonds have maintained a pristine image as one of the most timeless cuts. The most extraordinary aspect of this traditional diamond cut is that it flatters every finger type and carat. An oval diamond ring is a modified version of the round cut. Even though they both share similar characteristics, an oval cut diamond’s elongated shape gives the illusion of size.

So, if you want a big, beautiful diamond ring with remarkable brilliance and gorgeous bling, then diamond oval rings are for you!

What Makes Diamond Oval Rings the Best Choice for Engagements?

Here are a few reasons why an oval diamond solitaire engagement ring is the best ring choice for your better half.

Unique Yet Traditional

Diamonds come in various cuts, shapes, and sizes, which is why it often becomes challenging to make the best choice. Round and princess diamond cuts are stunning traditional cuts that are quite popular. In fact, they are a bit too popular, causing them to lose their uniqueness. On the other hand, an oval-cut diamond is a brilliantly unique stone that is guaranteed to catch people’s attention. This traditional diamond cut is a forever classic and classy choice that appeals to those looking for a bit of variety.

unique oval engagement ring with side stones


Oval cut diamonds are more original than round cut ones and are surprisingly more affordable. A solitaire oval engagement ring is the best choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking to get a bang for their buck! An oval diamond engagement ring brings more sparkle and weight in comparison to its price and many other diamond cuts.
The fact is that the elongated oval shape of the diamond tricks the eye into seeing more. Therefore, an oval diamond set in an engagement rings appears much bigger than a round diamond that weighs the same.

They Have a Unique Bow-Tie Formation

One factor that sets an oval-cut diamond apart from other diamond shapes is the visible bow-tie formation within the stone. This effect is created because the light doesn’t bounce back and forth in the center of the oval because of the way the diamond is cut. Every seasoned jeweler knows that the bow-tie effect is one of the main aspects that makes an oval shaped diamond beautiful and unique.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the setting of the oval diamond to maintain its uniqueness. Even though an oval cut diamond pairs well with most settings, the wrong setting can end up overpowering and outshining the center stone. An oval diamond looks stunning in a halo setting, a prong setting, or a bezel setting. To view our selection of popular oval engagement rings with halos click here.

unique vintage inspired oval engagement ring in white gold

The Bottom Line

As of 2020, oval-shaped diamond engagement rings hold the title for the most popular diamond cut, followed by round- and cushion-cut diamonds. Even some of the most famous celebrities, such as Blake Lively, wear a stunning pink oval cut diamond engagement ring given by her husband, Ryan Gosling.

Everyone has unique styles and tastes, especially when it comes to choosing engagement rings and other jewelry. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer as to which shape you should choose. However, a diamond oval engagement ring certainly adds some timeless sparkle to your partner’s hand.

At Sylvie Jewelry, we design and customize the engagement ring of your dreams. Regardless of the cut, size, and shape, we help you find an engagement ring that is just right for you! Head over to our website or visit our store to speak with our experienced ring specialists.


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