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Heirloom stones are not only precious and timeless, but they are also incredibly special to their current owner since they are passed down through many generations. Such a stone can make for a sentimental present that allows you to feel more connected to the lives and stories of those who possessed the heirloom before you. Though some heirloom stones may not pose great monetary value, they all rank high on their sentimental worth.

If you’ve been graciously offered an heirloom stone for your engagement ring, you may want some tips and guidelines as to how you’d like your stone set in your ring. However, we understand completely if you envisioned something differently for your engagement ring—almost all brides do! Perhaps you love the heirloom stone, but not as your center. No fear, there are many ways to hold your stone close to you without compromising your dream engagement ring!

Here are 4 trendy ways you can utilize your heirloom stone:

1. Necklace or Pendant

A pendant is not only a beautiful way to display heirloom jewelry, but it is also quite literally close to your heart. Pendants are never missed—they are instant attention-grabbers and present a variety of styles to choose from. You can even customize the color of the chain to contrast with the center stone if you wish.

2. Bracelet

Whether studded with jewels or polished and primed, bracelets have a unique allure. If you love pairing multiple bracelets together, you’ll have no problem flaunting your heirloom jewelry in bracelet-form! Give an ordinary looking bracelet some glam by setting an heirloom stone in it; you’ll accessorize with unique style and be able to carry your sentimental stone with you anywhere!

3. Charms

Most of us have a piece of jewelry we hold close to our hearts; sometimes, these treasures serve as symbols of love or remembrance, and sometimes they pose as a good-luck charm. Adding an heirloom stone as a charm—or to an already-existing charm—is a great way to not only make use of the stone but also keep it near and dear. Charms can be valuable pieces that get the attention they deserve without stealing the entire spotlight from the other jewelry you may be wearing.

4. A Brooch or Hairpin

Finally, heirloom stones also great when set into brooches and hairpins. Showcasing your heirloom jewelry this way allows for great exposure and maximizes your opportunity for compliments. If you add an heirloom piece to a brooch, you can make the most of casual outfits have a hint of style and pop; for example, a blazer with a brooch pinned to it adds a bit of shine and personality to an accessory piece of clothing.


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