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Having difficulty choosing between two equally captivating diamond cuts? You are not alone! Pear and Round shapes, both unique diamond cuts, make it difficult for any bride to choose one—especially when her heart yearns for both. Luckily, we are here to help you along the way!

This post offers information on both of these shapes, their histories, and what makes them so exceptional. We even listed two of our most-requested choices from our collection to help narrow your search. Finally, we’ll recommend which diamond cuts pair best with which hand shapes and sizes. Let’s get started!


When you think of classic engagement rings, do you think of a classic round engagement ring? Most people do, and it’s because they are always beautiful and have a timeless feel that most brides dream about. Round diamond engagement rings or round wedding rings never go out of style, and they look great on everyone. Each unique engagement ring in the Sylvie Jewelry is carefully checked and has to go through a 150 point inspection process, so you can count on getting only the highest quality engagement ring. All of our round engagement rings are designed with love in mind, which means that your proposal will be extra special.


Pear engagement rings beautifully combine round-cut and marquise diamonds, but the difference is they have a tapered point at one end. Many mistakenly wear the diamond with the point facing away from the finger, when really the pointed end should face towards the hand. Like most cuts, a pear-shaped engagement ring comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is perfect for women with slender or wide fingers.

When worn, the diamond gives the impression of longer, more slender fingers. However, one should always review the stone’s proportion before buying. Too big a stone might make a wide or small hand appear shorter by concealing most of the fingers.


S1093 Copy

(Style shown: S1093)

A fan favorite, this timeless and classic solitaire engagement ring features a dazzling 1 carat round brilliant diamond in a prong setting and placed upon a shank accented with a total weight of 0.21 carats of cascading pave diamonds.


(Style shown: SY999)

This round brilliant halo engagement ring features a 1 carat round cut center diamond in our signature halo with a total of 0.41 carats. Our most affordable halo engagement ring!

Pear Shaped Solitaire Engagement Ring_SY483-0038/APL(Style shown: SY483)

This dazzling ring features a three-carat pear-shaped diamond with round brilliant diamonds elegantly cascading down each side of the white gold band. This is one of the most-requested pear-shaped diamond engagement rings at Sylvie Jewelry! Marquise Shaped Engagement Ring - Sylvie

(Style shown: S1199)

This stunning piece is undoubtedly a jaw-dropper. It features a pear-cut diamond encompassed in a single halo of small, shimmering diamonds that waterfall down to the middle of the band.


Ever shopped for a pair of sunglasses? It’s so easy to select a sleek pair of shades, and just as easy to reject them once you try them on. Choosing a diamond engagement ring is a similar struggle. Just like everyone has a different face shape, everyone has different hand shapes; one should always try on before buying to make sure your chosen cut looks ideal on your hand. To decide which one to choose for you, let’s take a look at which cuts pair well with which hand shapes and/or sizes.


It’s all about the right proportion. Women with small fingers should avoid too bulky or flashy finger rings. A pear engagement ring will elongate the fingers and make the hand appear slightly bigger, whereas a round engagement ring will only make the hand look smaller.


Similar to small fingers, shorter fingers need a cut that makes them appear longer and more slender. Therefore, the most ideal cuts for women with shorter fingers include the pear, marquise and ovals.


Women with wide fingers might pick a ring that doesn’t show off too much of skin. This means choosing a diamond engagement ring with a big center stone. Any other shape will make the fingers appear wider and bulkier. On the bright side, wide fingers can flaunt nearly every ring style and cut, including both pear and marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings.


So which will it be, pear or round?

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