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You might have already noticed that all of the Sylvie Jewelry diamond engagement rings come in white gold or platinum, but do you know what the difference is and which one is right for you? Although white gold and Platinum look very similar, they are two very different metals.

White Gold

Diamond engagement ring SY 414 from the Sylvie CollecitonWhite gold is actually a light grey that is mixed with other white metals.


Rhodium is used to coat the white gold and to give it that shiny, bright white finish. It also makes the engagement ring more resilient for everyday wear.



Platinum is a white metal and is mixed with fewer other engagement ring with wedding bandmetals than white gold is mixed with, making each platinum engagement ring almost completely out of platinum.

  • Platinum does not wear down as fast as white gold, but is softer so it can get scratched and bent easier and become dull faster than white gold.
  • Platinum is heavier than white gold.
  • Platinum is more expensive than white gold
  • Platinum does not have to be Rhodium plated.

The Choice

Platinum in it’s pure form is lighter in color than white gold, but once the white gold is Rhodium plated, they have a very similar look. The choice is yours, but should be made while keeping the facts about each of these two types of metals in mind.


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