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What Finger Should An Engagement Ring Go On?

When considering the question, what finger should an engagement ring go on, the answer isn’t simply about appearance or comfort; it’s a decision based on cultural, symbolic, and emotional meaning. In this guide, we’ll look at the significance of the finger chosen for an engagement ring, comparing traditional beliefs with modern preferences and offering insight into this decision.     Traditional vs. Modern Choices From a designer’s perspective, like Sylvie’s, the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand has a rich backstory. This custom refers to the Vena Amoris, “the vein of love”

Sylvie Bridal Spotlight: Taylor & Jeremy

SAY HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SYLVIE BRIDE & GROOM: Taylor & Jeremy TELL US YOUR STORY I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I always loved to travel from a young age and knew I wanted a career with an international health focus. After attending the University of Maryland, I spent the next two years working at a youth village in Rwanda. It was there that I fell in love with public health and international development. After returning to the states, I moved to Atlanta, GA to get my master’s in public health at Emory University. It was

Sylvie Bridal Spotlight: Teanna & Alex

SAY HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SYLVIE BRIDE & GROOM: TEANNA & ALEX TELL US YOUR STORY Alex and I are from the same hometown, St. Johns, Michigan. He was a couple of years older than me in high school. We always knew of each other and had mutual friends, but we didn’t know anything about each other. That was back in 2011. Fast forward to October of 2018 when he swept me off my feet! He spotted me out at a mutual friend’s engagement party, asked my friend for my phone number, asked me on a date the next

Sylvie Bridal Spotlight: Erin M.

SAY HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SYLVIE BRIDE, ERIN M. AND HER FIANCE, MICHAEL! HOW THEY MET I met Michael on board the USS Laboon DDG-58 during a Navy Tiger Cruise. Things didn’t fair so well for me below deck after about 5 minutes as we were underway, I requested to be brought topside after taking Dramamine, I was left near the bridge of the ship to take the air and it was there that I met a good looking midshipman (Michael) who was sitting nearby. Turns out he was attending Virginia Military Institute and we had some mutual friends.

Yellow Gold Wedding Sets for your Spring Wedding

Did you know that along with our collection of yellow gold engagement rings, any of our engagement rings can be customized in this metal? We’re all about mix and matching our engagement rings with any of our wedding and/or stackable bands to add that WOW factor to our wedding sets. All of our bands come in yellow gold and some even feature gemstones. Our stackables are great for mixing metals and styles, but we also have wedding bands that pair perfectly with our collection of unique mixed metal engagement rings. Whether you’re looking for something out of the box, our

Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas for Staying In

Cupid is getting his arrows ready! Are you and your S.O. planning something for Valentine’s Day, but don’t want your whole town to be there? Ditch the typical date night out with a set menu and crowds of people for an intimate night in with just you and that special someone. While Valentine’s Day is a time to pull out all the stops and do something special for your sweetheart, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be the perfect date night! We’ve come up with some great dating ideas that are fun, romantic, and don’t come at any price!

White Gold vs. Platinum

You might have already noticed that all of the Sylvie Jewelry diamond engagement rings come in white gold or platinum, but do you know what the difference is and which one is right for you? Although white gold and Platinum look very similar, they are two very different metals. White Gold White gold is actually a light grey that is mixed with other white metals.   Rhodium is used to coat the white gold and to give it that shiny, bright white finish. It also makes the engagement ring more resilient for everyday wear.   Platinum Platinum is a white

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Jewelers

Don’t wait until the last minute to wish you would had made that first impression! Now is the time to get buttoned up and strengthen your online and in store presence so that you can be sure it’s your store that comes to mind first! Use this holiday marketing checklist to make sure you’re ready!


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