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Screen Shot 2022 05 02 at 8.54.51 AM(Dallas, TX) Sylvie, a leading luxury jewelry brand, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding. In celebration of its achievements, heritage, and future growth plans, Sylvie marks this milestone with the unveiling of an evolved brand identity to usher in the company’s next chapter alongside a new brand campaign. 


Sylvie is a Texas-based luxury jewelry company founded by an international husband-wife duo. Antwerp, Belgium-native Sylvie Levine, a jewelry designer, and Ian Levine, a South African immigrant who came to the states 35 years ago gave life to the Sylvie brand in 2007 via Spectrum Diamonds, which was originally founded in 1986. 


The Sylvie brand is one of the byproducts of their enduring love, bond and sacrifice. When the couple discovered their ability to work seamlessly together, they aspired to begin making jewelry that created a connection to the independent jewelers, self-purchasers, and couples who seek to own jewelry with meaning and a story.


The brand campaign, titled “Shine On,” celebrates multiple key elements. First, it is a reference to the inflection point bridging Sylvie’s powerful heritage with the bright future ahead given the company’s growth plans. Second, it marks the unveiling of Sylvie’s new brand identity. Included in this unveiling is a  new icon, which elicits light rays emanating from a shell shape, a reference to the uniquely elegant signature Sylvie ring profile, and a collection also known as the “Shell Collection.”


“We reflect on our first 15 years with gratitude to our retail partners and end customers and wanted to mark this milestone with an evolution of our brand,” Sylvie noted. “Today, our mission transcends being a luxury jewelry company. We strive to be a daily reminder of love and its enduring beauty by creating on-trend jewelry with meaning and symbolism in life.” As a brand, Sylvie is predicated on the love story of its founders and each piece being designed by a woman, for a woman. 

Screen Shot 2022 05 02 at 8.54.51 AM

This is the brand’s first campaign under the marketing leadership of Gary Levine, son of founders Ian and Sylvie. “The women and art direction chosen to headline “Shine On” aim to elicit Sylvie women and their dimensional attributes. They radiate youthful femininity, no matter their biological age, and are both elegant, confident and complex,” said Gary Levine. “Today, we celebrate them more than we ever have with gratitude for letting us be part of their life’s major milestones–in the past, present and for many years to come.”


From the relationship that started it all between the founder duo, to the relationships with retail partners, self-purchasers and ultimately between the Sylvie bride and their life partner, Sylvie values strong relationships.


“We have several exciting growth opportunities ahead, and our ambitions go beyond growing revenue and margins,” Gary shared on strategy. “We are passionate about our products, the art and process of design, and the symbolism of our work in the life of a relationship. This evolution is about better communicating our values, realizing our vision and reinforcing our brand story as it exists today and for decades ahead.”

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The new Sylvie logo signifies design, light, and femininity. The shape of the brand icon is a direct reference to the uniquely elegant signature Sylvie ring profile, with light rays emanating from the area where the stone would sit. The result is an abstracted shell—a visual reference that recalls Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, or the treasured pearl inside of a clam, a work that historians believe was influenced by femininity and wedding festivities.



About Sylvie
Sylvie is an award-winning, leading luxury jewelry brand based in Texas. The brand was founded by husband–and-wife duo, Sylvie Levine and Ian Levine. Sylvie jewelry can be found at hundreds of retail locations across the US and is all designed by a woman, for a woman.


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