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The end of the year brings the holiday season, holiday shoppers, and busy season for jewelry marketers alike! The holiday season comes as a double edged sword for retailers especially in the jewelry industry. Being that they experience busy season and proposal season at the same time, preparation is key to have a successful holiday season! Today we’re sharing our five ways to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and create promotions that help you end this year with a bang! Keep on reading if you’re interested in our jewelry marketing tips!

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Marketing is everything when it comes to sell luxury goods during the holidays and in general! Although retailers interact with customers in-store, digital marketing has taken over and lets face it – it’s the name of the game now. Social media does play an integral role in digital marketing and although we all know this, retailers don’t always utilize it.


Budget, timing, content, etc. You need to plan, plan, plan! What content are you going to post for the month? When are your followers online so you can market your content at the right time? How much money are you planning to spend? Digital, in-store, commercial? Planning is essential for jewelry marketers to not only creating a marketing campaign that succeeds, but to target more customers going into the new year. Creating a marketing plan that incorporates goals for the new year will also help you not only go out with a bang, but the start the new year already rising! Check out your analytics and in-store sales for last year and come up with goals that could help you achieve a higher sale goal or content that will reach more customers in the new year. Strategize before you begin so that you have an idea of what should be a priority for your company so success comes easier. Social media wise – track your audience demographic, the most popular engagement rings, keywords, most popular blogs, etc. Pay attention to what your customers are paying attention to so you are on the same page.



Stay up to date on not only marketing trends, but on jewelry trends in the industry. Pay attention to what is new and what customers are searching for online and in-store. Staying up to date on trends will keep jewelry marketers fresh and will put them in a good position to follow through with innovative ideas.


Follow what your competitors are doing. Now this doesn’t mean copying them, because you want to have your own organic content, but making sure you are following what they are doing can help you create content that reaches more people and puts you at an advantage. Check their content, social media, as well as website and blog if they have.


Yearly goals, monthly goals, and daily. Create measurable goals that you can look back to in the next coming year and see how far you have come. Create goals to raise brand awareness, ensure brand loyalty from customers, as well as create more in-store traffic and online views and followers.

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Hashtags will help jewelry marketers reach so many more people online. If you’re posting jewelry that’s related to the holidays, using hashtags such as, #Christmas #HolidayJewelry, will reach people that are searching for these terms. Using hashtags are essential when trying to reach a larger or broader demographic.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are great for interacting with your readers virtually. You become more relatable as a brand and it’s easier to reach people when you are personally speaking to them. Instagram stories are also another great way to promote in-store events and talk about sales. This is a priority in today’s age – every new feature should be utilized!


Video marketing is at the top of its game and if you aren’t on… You need to be! Your audience is able to see products in action and is able to connect with you on a more personal level. With jewelry, they are able to see how the ring sparkles and see it in action – on a person, which is ideal. If you do any of the above, definitely incorporate YouTube!

YouTube social channel


Along with your social media presence, branding for jewelry marketers is top priority. Making sure your logo is out there in front of all your customers’ eyes is #1. Don’t forget to utilize your mission statement or tagline to increase exposure and give your customers’ something to remember you by. In all your ads in-store or online, any flyers or social media images, whether it be in a caption or in person, also remember to mention your tagline like, “By a Woman, For a Woman” for Sylvie Jewelry. In this case, sharing your company’s personality and message is equal to sharing content on your social media every day.

sylvie collection logosylvie collection tagline


We know it’s impossible to be in 5 places at the same time, but online, jewelry marketers don’t have that problem! With all the platforms available for you to market your brand, the key to success is consistency across all platforms. Make sure you’re showing off your products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, interacting with your customers on YouTube and Instagram Story, spreading your logo and tagline on all digital and commercial marketing, and keep your promotional marketing at the forefront of your advertising plan. For the holidays you have the chance to be bright and a little more out there than normal – take advantage! Use bright colors, themes, and entice your customers to return or new customers to check you out for the first time!

So there you have it, we hope these 5 ways will help you end the year with a bang and start the new year the right way – at the top!

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