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Did he just put a ring on it? Well, congratulations! But before you get caught up with planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding band, and picking out the diamond jewelry for your big day – there is one extremely important thing that you need to take care of – announce the engagement to your loved ones!

Most people wouldn’t pay much attention to it and might just resort to a simple phone call to break the news. That does not mean you have to follow suit. Think of something different and meaningful. We’ve got five ways of announcing an engagement that we feel, make the cut and are probably the best ones around.


Your immediate family deserves to be the first people to know about your engagement. Parents top the list, and for that matter, you need to make sure you break the news in a respectful and intimate manner. They’d want to hug you and might just become too overwhelmed with happiness – you need a setting that can be cherished. So make the announcement in person. Bake something sweet or buy it from a nearby coffee house on your way to your parents’ homes. Don’t forget the flowers!

Wait and see if they can notice that new piece of your jewelry before letting them in on the wonderful news. For the siblings, invite them over to hangout for the evening. Nothing beats a personal announcement.

For those whom you cannot reach out to on a one-on-one basis, try sending the snail mail with an engagement picture and a possible save the date card. They’ll love it!

Let the Ring Talk

If you’re someone who likes to stay low-key about the developments in your life, a subtle announcement would work well for you. We loved how Jason Statham and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley announced their engagement at the 2016 Golden Globes. The couple walked the Red Carpet arm and arm, with Rosie’s ring flashing the announcement. Let the folks notice it while you hang on your fiancé’s arm. You can tell them once they see it!

An Engagement Party Might Be Great!

Hosting a party to announce your engagement might just be the best way to announce the occasion to everyone close to you at the same time. You can choose to keep the occasion a secret or just go all out and mention it on the invitations. If you’re letting in your parents and/or siblings on the news earlier than the others, rope in their help with hosting the event.

In case you want to keep the whole deal a secret until you make the announcement over a toast at the party, make sure you choose a date that doesn’t make the party timings suspicious. During the holiday season, at the Thanksgiving dinner, or on your birthday would be great opportunities.

Your Dads Need a Special Moment Ladies!

If you’ve always been a daddy’s little girl, this announcement would be a big moment for your dad. Make sure it is just as special for him. Think of ways you can reveal the information to him without being too blunt about it.

There’s the old school way of doing it where your groom-to-be can ask for your father’s blessings to marry you (well, back then they asked for permission; but since you’re already engaged, it’s not as suitable for the situation). If you want to do it yourself, ask him to take that long-awaited ‘important walk’ with you down the aisle. It’ll sure bring tears to your dad’s eyes – tears of joy!

Share It – On the Social Media

Everyone does it these days – so you might ask what’s so unique about it? When we say ‘share it’, we obviously don’t mean posting just a picture boasting your diamond engagement ringtoo cliché! Think of something out of the box like a car selfie together – announcing the engagement, just like Skylar Astin and Anna Camp; or keep it simple with a classic kiss selfie – Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston did it in the middle of a desert – and it turned out amazing!

Keep in mind that announcements on social media may be great for informing casual acquaintances about this milestone in your life, but when it comes to your loved ones, it’s always better to keep it up close and personal. They’ll prefer it that way – trust us!

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