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Dallas, TEXAS – Sylvie Jewelry, a fine jewelry brand recognized for its iconic designs, announces the launch of its new engagement ring collection, Shell Iconelle™, with a new digital advertising campaign, “Distinctly Sylvie.”

Since its inception, Sylvie Jewelry has offered unique jewelry pieces and engagement rings with a distinctive single-casting structure widely recognized in the industry that mirrors the brand’s Shell® logo.  Shell Iconelle introduces a new generation of the brand’s Shell design by artfully incorporating the essence of the legacy Sylvie Shell as an intricately carved motif in the silhouette of each piece. Presented in a blend of two-tone designs, Shell Iconelle is available in any combination of white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum, with optionality around diamond detailing.


shell iconelle collection

Shell Iconelle by Sylvie

“Shell Iconelle was inspired by my mission to create a collection that continues to honor our heritage while challenging the status quo,” says Co-founder and Designer, Sylvie Levine. “Created for the trailblazers, the icons, and the It Girls of all generations, Shell Iconelle signifies a shared journey of values between our brand and the wearer, encapsulating iconic energy and an enduring legacy spanning generations.”

The campaign marks a significant moment for Sylvie Jewelry, blending reverence for the brand’s storied past with a vivid portrayal of its evolution into a new generation of design, as well as the new generation of family behind it. “This campaign and the team behind it did an excellent job at showcasing our new designs while telling the story of who Iconelle is,” said Gary Levine, Director of Business Development. “It’s a narrative that fuses Shell Iconelle’s distinctly carved motif with the celebration of women who are carving, trailblazing and innovating in their own ways. They exist in every generation, and you know who they are—that’s who we had in mind while designing and storytelling.”


shell iconelle model wearing makeup and fine jewelry


The Distinctly Sylvie advertising campaign will publicly launch on February 1st, 2024. Authorized retailers and individuals who make pieces of the collection their own are encouraged to share their stories using the hashtag #DistinctlySylvie and tagging Sylvie Jewelry on Instagram and TikTok.

About Sylvie Jewelry

Sylvie Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand that is available at select authorized retailers across the United States and Canada. The brand was founded by Sylvie Levine, a jewelry designer from Antwerp, Belgium, and her husband Ian Levine, a diamond merchant. The company is a byproduct of the husband-wife duo’s love and enduring bond. Sylvie has a powerful heritage and bright future with significant growth plans. To date, Sylvie’s designs have won several awards and helped her gain recognition for having a deeply personal touch with her pieces. If you’d like to learn more about the exceptional wedding rings and engagement rings available from Sylvie, please visit the website at sylviejewelry.com.


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