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Are you planning to propose on Halloween, but you’re absolutely stuck on how to do it? Don’t worry we got you covered with our VERY last minute list of Halloween proposal ideas. We have everything from a simple picnic in the park to a corn maze at the pumpkin patch! Go for a setting that is more romantic, cozy, and out of the box. Think simple yet detail oriented – something your bride would specifically love. You know your bride so definitely think about that before choosing to propose in a more simple or out of the box way. Make your Halloween one to remember with one of our sparkling unique engagement rings! Keep on reading for our Halloween proposal ideas!

Picnic in the park

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Make it a surprise picnic outside in your favorite spot to relax outdoors. It’ll be beautiful outside and lets face it what bride doesn’t love fall foliage? Since it might be chilly, take some blankets and scarves to keep yourselves warm. You can propose before you start the picnic so you can celebrate with a toast or plan for an after activity of watching the stars which also might be the perfect way to propose. This outdoor proposal idea can be for the more intimate or public so depending on your bride you can make it your own.

Pumpkin Patch

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We can pretty much assume that every bride to be is a fan of taking photos at a pumpkin patch! Whether it be for fall or Halloween, this is a great spot to make a date out of your proposal. If you have someone there with you shooting photos, even better. You can pretend you planned a photoshoot with the pumpkins or if its just the two of you, you can plan a more intimate yet public announcement. Whichever way you do it, you’ll have a fun background for photos and your bride will already be a fall mood!

Cozy night in

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An intimate proposal for your classic bride. Such a great way to propose if she honestly just wants a cozy regular night in. You don’t have to plan out a grand proposal if honestly what she wants is just the two of you cuddling on the couch. For this sweet halloween proposal, hide the ring in her glass of champagne or bring her a slice of pumpkin pie with the ring on top! BUT make sure she doesn’t eat it. With this proposal you can spend the rest of the night with your fiancé talking wedding and just enjoying quality time together without having to plan anything.

Halloween party

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A Halloween party on Halloween? It doesn’t get much better than that! If your bride is a Halloween lover then this is the proposal for her. You get to dress up, surprise your lady and propose in front of all your friends and/or family. She’ll never see it coming and it’ll be such a fun day in the future to remember getting engaged on Halloween!

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