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February birthstone - AmethystAmethyst is February’s birthstone. The word Amethyst derives from a Greek word “amethystos” meaning, not drunk. This beautiful stone is transparent with traces of the color purple which might range from a light mauve color to deep/rich purple. Sylvie Jewelry has an array of amethyst bridal jewelry to choose from for the bride who wants something unique. 

The Mythical Story Behind The Birthstone

This gemstone has a mythical story behind it. The god of wine Bacchus was angered by a huntress called Diana. This made him seek revenge whereby he swore to have the first man or woman that he met in the forest devoured by tigers. Coincidentally, the first person that Bacchus met was a beautiful maiden by the name Amethyst. When she met Bacchus face to face and discovered the fate that was to befall her, she cried out to the goddess Diana to have mercy on her Right there before the eyes of Bacchus, this beautiful maiden turned into a pure white stone image. Bacchus felt so bad and remorseful that he headed over to her and poured wine (grape) over the glassy white stone, hence the purple color .

Scientific Reason Behind The Color Of The Stone

ER510 30342The scientific reason behind its color is not known though there are some vague reasons behind it.This stone contains a huge amount of quartz, the most abundant mineral on the earth’s crust. In some instances, Quartz which lines is known to contain traces of Amethyst too.The history of Amethyst traces back 25, 000 years ago in France whereby it was a decorative stone. This precious stone was used by royalty as the queen Cleopatra wore jewelry, a ring in this case, made of an Amethyst stone on her finger. In the modern day, it is used on bridal jewelry.This stone also belongs to a Saint, Valentine who is said to have worn a ring made of this exquisite stone with an engraved image of cupid, his assistant. This explains why Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February.The Amethyst contained good powers. Due to its special powers, it was used to dispel sleep, as medication, sharpen intellect and also protect one from sorcery. When worn in the battlefield, it is known to bring victory. It was also used for protection against gout and bad dreams.

Make your Sylvie Jewelry designer diamond engagement ring special by adding this wonderful stone! The Sylvie Jewelry is designed by a woman for a woman. Created by designer Sylvie, this namesake collection has been inspired by her love of diamonds and celebrates femininity and romance. It is timeless, with modern sensibilities. Every woman who wears a Sylvie ring is an individual, with her own personality and unique sense of style. That is why Sylvie Jewelry is known for flexibility and every ring can be customized to fit her style and taste, allowing it to become a personal symbol of her passion. There are thousands of settings that can be customized in any size, shape, or cut and always in platinum, and 14 and 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

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