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PRESS RELEASE: The Sylvie Jewelry Introduces New Director of Operations – Gary Levine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GARY LEVINE JOINS THE SYLVIE COLLECTION AS DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Plano, TX (August 3, 2021) – The Sylvie Jewelry is pleased to announce that Gary Levine, the eldest son of owners Sylvie and Ian Levine, has joined the Company as Director of Operations. Gary brings a wide breadth of experience and new perspective through his experience working closely with business operators and advising on corporate M&A transactions. Sylvie Levine said, “We are currently seeing tremendous growth in the business, so this is an immensely important addition to our team as we continue to build out our roster

Top 5 Most Viewed Products of 2019

Happy New Year! With 2020 in full swing, we’re focusing on what our customer’s want to see this year. That means taking a look back at our most viewed rings of 2019 to see what our brides and Sylvie suitors are really searching for. In our research, we noticed that our Top 5 consisted of solitaire engagement rings in various styles/designs. We’re not surprised as our classic styles are some of our best sellers! If you want an custom engagement ring that keeps on sparkling, then our solitaire engagement rings are definitely the one for you! Here is our list

Top 5 IGTV Tips for Jewelry Retailers

Videos should make up the largest part of your marketing strategy. They are integral to staying relevant, fresh, and unique in today’s digital world. Sharing videos on Instagram comes with a time limit, but no worries here that’s where IGTV tips come into play! This long form video app, found within the social network, Instagram, launched in June of 2018. Those used to watching YouTube and Snapchat may soon beFmarketing transitioning into IGTV fans. IGTV now allows you to take full screen, vertical videos that are up to an hour long and post them for your followers to see. You

Online Marketing Tips Jewelry Retailers Must Know

With proposal season on its way, it’s important for your brand to be recognized online. Increasing your online marketing is a priority with the busy season coming up. When customers hear your brand name, does your logo pop in their head? What colors or themes do they associate with your store? You may have your logo on your storefront, a local billboard, in a magazine, and even on your promotional giveaways, but how consistent is your branding online? Have you updated all of your social media pages with the consistent colors and images? What about those old logos you never

Sylvie’s Ring of the Month is an Solitaire Engagement Ring

WELCOMING JULY WITH SYLVIE’S RING OF THE MONTH, A SOLITAIRE ENGAGEMENT RING! This gorgeous round solitaire engagement ring features round brilliant diamonds in a single shared prong setting that trails half way down the band. Pair it with it’s matching band in a mixed metal for a trendy stylish look! The total carat weight of this stunning engagement ring is 0.29. This solitaire engagement ring is easily customized with different metals and touches that make this ring uniquely yours. With such a stunning solitaire engagement ring, the rose gold can really add that hint of trendiness that the fashion forward bride

5 ways to care for your engagement ring this summer

From tanning by the pool to swimming in the ocean, the summer can be a difficult time for your diamond engagement ring. We got you covered this summer with some tips on how to keep your jewelry clean and safe from beach trips and sun exposure. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the earth, but your diamond jewelry is still prone to breaks, cracks and chips. There are certain, dos and don’ts of taking care of your diamond engagement ring if you want to ensure that it remains as spectacular as it were when you first set your eyes on

Sylvie’s Ring of the Month is a Solitaire Engagement Ring

WELCOMING JUNE WITH SYLVIE’S RING OF THE MONTH, A SOLITAIRE ENGAGEMENT RING! This stunning yet classic solitaire engagement ring features a 1 carat round center stone with shimmering diamonds cascading down each side of the shank for a total weight of 0.64 carats. This solitaire engagement ring is easily customizable with different metals and details that can make this ring uniquely yours. With such a stunning solitaire engagement ring, a rose gold band or a hidden halo can add that hint of trendiness that the fashion forward bride would love. You can really go for any look with this gorgeous

Unique Summer Date Ideas

Sweet summertime is right around the corner & that means the perfect summer day date is on the horizon! The warm weather is here, the ice cream trucks are out and if you’re lucky enough, you have some days off for summer break. Make the most out of the summer season by planning some unique dates with your S.O. Find activities that you and that special someone will both enjoy like attending an outdoor concert or amusement park. You can even plan a Saturday day date and change up the activity every weekend! If you’re looking to plan the perfect

Heirloom Jewelry: Vintage Engagement Rings

Every family has vintage engagement rings that have been passed on to them by their ancestors and generations before them. These treasures are usually in the form of collectibles, charms, diaries, photos, clothes, paintings, coins, recipes, handicrafts and/or jewelry. We label such treasures as family heirlooms. They remind us of our history and of the people who are no longer with us. They may come with a price but they are priceless in terms of sentimental value. s1866 – THEA – VINTAGE INSPIRED ENGAGEMENT RING This vintage inspired engagement ring is one-of-a-kind. Featuring a 1.5 carat center surrounded by two

Facebook Features for Jewelry Retailers

If you’re a retail business particularly one that sells fine jewelry, then you know that marketing is everything! Nowadays, the most important and most effective form of marketing/advertising is digital marketing. Social media plays a huge role in bringing your digital marketing strategies to life, which is why we’re talking Facebook for small businesses today! Facebook is know-n as one of the major platforms for promoting your business and boosting your online presence. From ratings to sharing promotions and interacting with your customers, Facebook has many features that make your experience with promoting your business online more personal and innovative.


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