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PRESS RELEASE: The Sylvie Jewelry Introduces New Director of Operations – Gary Levine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GARY LEVINE JOINS THE SYLVIE COLLECTION AS DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Plano, TX (August 3, 2021) – The Sylvie Jewelry is pleased to announce that Gary Levine, the eldest son of owners Sylvie and Ian Levine, has joined the Company as Director of Operations. Gary brings a wide breadth of experience and new perspective through his experience working closely with business operators and advising on corporate M&A transactions. Sylvie Levine said, “We are currently seeing tremendous growth in the business, so this is an immensely important addition to our team as we continue to build out our roster

Unique Summer Date Ideas

Sweet summertime is right around the corner & that means the perfect summer day date is on the horizon! The warm weather is here, the ice cream trucks are out and if you’re lucky enough, you have some days off for summer break. Make the most out of the summer season by planning some unique dates with your S.O. Find activities that you and that special someone will both enjoy like attending an outdoor concert or amusement park. You can even plan a Saturday day date and change up the activity every weekend! If you’re looking to plan the perfect

Heirloom Jewelry: Vintage Engagement Rings

Every family has vintage engagement rings that have been passed on to them by their ancestors and generations before them. These treasures are usually in the form of collectibles, charms, diaries, photos, clothes, paintings, coins, recipes, handicrafts and/or jewelry. We label such treasures as family heirlooms. They remind us of our history and of the people who are no longer with us. They may come with a price but they are priceless in terms of sentimental value. s1866 – THEA – VINTAGE INSPIRED ENGAGEMENT RING This vintage inspired engagement ring is one-of-a-kind. Featuring a 1.5 carat center surrounded by two

5 Ways for jewelry marketers to go out with a bang

The end of the year brings the holiday season, holiday shoppers, and busy season for jewelry marketers alike! The holiday season comes as a double edged sword for retailers especially in the jewelry industry. Being that they experience busy season and proposal season at the same time, preparation is key to have a successful holiday season! Today we’re sharing our five ways to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and create promotions that help you end this year with a bang! Keep on reading if you’re interested in our jewelry marketing tips! Marketing is everything when it comes to sell luxury

Video Marketing: Why You Need To Be On YouTube

It’s the busiest time of the year and that means it’s time to implement your video marketing strategies. Videos are the new selling point, so now more than ever it is so important to utilize platforms such as, YouTube. If you need some tips on how to incorporate video marketing, stick with us! Is YouTube your video platform? With the advancement in technology, video marketing is at the top of its game right now. It allows you to interact with your audience in the most personal way – other than speaking to them in person. Through videos, your audience are


Digital marketing is the HOLY GRAIL when it comes to selling luxury goods such as, engagement rings and fine jewelry. If you’ve been looking for a social media platform with features that will boost sales and engagement, look no further than Instagram Stories! Considering social media plays such a huge role in enhancing your digital space, using the tailored features that come along with these social platforms should be number one priority! Along with a new face, color scheme and logo, Instagram has become one of the largest marketing tools for businesses everywhere. With jewelry – Imagery is key! Sharing

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Jewelers

Don’t wait until the last minute to wish you would had made that first impression! Now is the time to get buttoned up and strengthen your online and in store presence so that you can be sure it’s your store that comes to mind first! Use this holiday marketing checklist to make sure you’re ready!


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