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The trend of getting halo engagement rings started in 2010 when Kate Middleton flaunted her amazing new engagement ring with a sapphire center and diamond halo. Halo rings have become all the rage among brides ever since that moment in 2010. They are easy to customize according to your preferences and a versatile choice. It can also make the diamond appear to be much larger by adding the much-needed glimmer and glitz.

What Are Halo Engagement Rings?

Halo setting rings have a ring made of smaller accent stones (usually pave diamonds) that surround a large center stone. You can make sure the stones have the same type of cut as the centerpiece or different as well.


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Pros of Halo Engagement Rings

The biggest advantage of getting the halo setting for your engagement ring is that the center stone is complimented quite well by the smaller stones. This can make the ring and stone look even bigger than normal. It accentuates the beauty of the center stone in an affordable yet brilliant manner. You can cement this further by selecting accent and center stones of two different colors. This contrast of colors can draw even more attention.

The halo hides the prongs of the ring by adding something extra to it. Many halo rings have a similar design at the edge that goes till the base of the ring until the prongs.

The best part about halo rings in our opinion is also the ability to customize! You can create unique halo rings by adding different cuts of stones to your halo such as the baguettes diamonds in the vintage inspired halo ring below, or you can even use different-sized round stones to create a graduated look.

vintage oval engagement ring

Cons of Halo Engagement Rings

While the center diamond will look larger with the halo design, which is cheaper than simply buying a bigger stone, it is still not the most budget-friendly ring. There are more gems and metal used in the making of the ring, which can make it more expensive.

The shape of your halo ring makes it a little difficult to pair with wedding bands. Typically, you will need to design a wedding band that goes under or around the halo design. Or else, the rings can rub against each other and result in wear and tear.

What to Look for in Halo Engagement Rings:

We recommend choosing the same color, clarity, and cut of the diamonds for the center and accent stones if you want the centerpiece to look larger. You also don’t necessarily have to create a halo ring of just diamonds. They can look the best when you incorporate different colored stones into the setting of the ring. Some more beautiful and unique halo rings use rubies, pearls, and emeralds for the center. It can make the design look even more interesting. Click here to learn more about customizing your halo engagement ring.

Most cut types work with halo settings, but round diamonds are the most popular because they offer symmetry to the design. Even the emerald cut for center stones can offer a really strong visual appeal.

unique oval engagement ringSo there you have it, a few helpful hints when it comes to buying halo rings! We hope you enjoyed it and found this article helpful. Happy ring hunting!

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