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Vintage_Emerald_Cut_Blue_Topaz_and_Diamond_RingWhile the lovely topaz comes in a full range of colors, only the gorgeous blue hue is the official birthstone for the month of December. Blue topaz is an exceedingly hard stone, rating high on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. This gem is highly resistant to scratches which makes it a solid investment in diamond engagement rings and fashion jewelry.

Topaz has a long and compelling history that dates back to at least the 14th Century when the ancient Greeks attributed it the power to increase strength. Down through the ages, this shimmering stone has been credited with breaking magic spells, calming anger, and emphasizing beauty and health in the person wearing it. Some once thought it even had the power to make people invisible.

While today’s London blue topaz is valued more for it’s delicate hue that’s reminiscent of tropical oceans than it is for its healing properties, this stone remains the second most popular choice of colored gem, next to the sapphire. It’s the state gemstone of Texas and occurs both in nature and as the result of treatment with a heat process.

Finding a blue sapphire that naturally boasts the rich color that’s so widely sought after is rare, and these naturally occurring stones are pricey to acquire. More often than not, blue topaz comes by its delicate blush through the introduction of heat, which makes the blue much more vibrant. While gorgeous to look at, heat-treated gems are worth a bit less than blue topaz that occurs naturally.

If you’re in the market for the lovely blue topaz to complete the Christmas list of that special someone who was fortunate enough to be born in the month of December, visit our stunning collection of diamond engagement rings and gemstone jewelry that feature hints of color.


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