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Sylvie embraces bridal elegance through a stunning array of bridal accessories. From delicate necklaces that gracefully accentuate the neckline to intricate bracelets that sprinkle a touch of sparkle onto the wrist, and earrings that illuminate the face to other captivating pieces, each creation is purposeful to enhance your bridal ensemble. Let’s look at our top picks for this June Bride Accessory Guide.

Curved Diamond Necklace – NL242

For a timeless and sophisticated appearance, consider this gorgeous, curved necklace in yellow gold adorned with 6 carats of brilliant round diamonds. The combination of the bright diamonds and the lustrous yellow gold create a classic style. With its elegant design, this diamond necklace is the perfect accessory to complement any bridal outfit.



Crossover Wedding Ring – B139

This piece features two exquisite bands adorned with shimmering pavé diamonds, gracefully intersecting in perfect symmetry. With a total weight of 0.27 carats, this breathtaking shared prong wedding band is a true embodiment of everlasting love and can be worn either as a wedding ring or a fashion statement.



Diamond Cuff Earrings – ER832

Complete your bridal ensemble with these glamorous yellow gold earrings. With a total of 0.42 carats of brilliant diamonds, these earrings have been intricately arranged in a modern wide seashell shape that effortlessly cuffs the ear. Designed to seamlessly accentuate the beauty of different wedding outfits, these versatile ear cuffs are perfect for any style.



Petite Diamond Tennis Bracelet – BR101

This accessory displays a meticulous design featuring delicate prongs that securely hold each diamond in place, allowing them to radiate with unmatched brilliance for every movement. Crafted with mindfulness and using only the finest materials, this bracelet embodies exceptional and unwavering quality. Its petite size makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear or to effortlessly add to any bridal look with a touch of glamour.




On your wedding day, every element holds immense importance, and at Sylvie, we recognize the significance of flawless accessories. Each piece in our selection captures the essence of sophistication and refined beauty, allowing you to choose from classic designs or modern twists. With Sylvie’s bridal accessories, you can elevate your ensemble to new heights, accentuating your natural beauty and leaving a dynamic impression on your special day.


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