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Round Cut Thick Classic Engagement Ring - Darlene

Round Cut Thick Classic Engagement Ring

SKU: S2764-200A4W40R

Price listed is a starting price for all jewelry. Center stone is not included with engagement rings.

Due to the unique and customizable nature of our jewelry, please note that the prices listed on our website are starting prices only and may not reflect the final price.

White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold
This stunning thick classic engagement ring features a 4 carat round center diamond setting. 2 carats of round diamonds flow halfway down the sides of this gorgeous engagement ring.

*Price does not include the center stone.

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Engagement Ring FAQs

What are the most popular styles of engagement rings?

At Sylvie, we find that solitaire, classic, hidden halo, and three stone designs have remained popular in the past decade. Our selection of engagement rings also features our unique Sylvie Shell™ engagement rings alongside modern vintage, spiral, halo, double halo, split shank, stackable, and floral-inspired engagement ring styles.

How do I determine the correct ring size?

For an accurate measurement, we recommend visiting a Sylvie authorized retailer. Online ring sizers can also help you determine your ring size.

What should I consider when choosing a diamond’s cut?

Consider the diamond’s cut as it greatly influences the stone’s brilliance as well as your engagement rings’ overall aesthetic. Classic tastes often align with round cuts, while more modern preferences may lean towards emerald or oval cuts.

What is the difference between carat weight and total carat weight?

The 4Cs stand for Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Each C represents a different aspect of a diamond’s quality and overall appearance, integral to selecting your perfect diamond.

What is the average cost of an engagement ring?

The cost of an engagement ring can vary widely based on factors like diamond size, quality, metal type, and design complexity. Sylvie offers a range of options to fit various budgets without compromising on quality and beauty.

How do I choose the ring metal for my engagement ring?

Consider lifestyle, personal taste, and budget when choosing the right metal for your engagement ring. Popular choices include platinum for durability and hypoallergenic properties, and gold in various hues (white, yellow, rose) for its timeless appeal.

Can I customize my Sylvie engagement ring?

Yes, all of Sylvie’s engagement rings are customizable. We can create a ring that truly reflects your style and love story.

How do I care for and clean my engagement ring?

Regularly clean your ring with a gentle soap and warm water solution, using a soft bristled toothbrush. It’s also important to have your ring professionally inspected and cleaned annually by a Sylvie authorized retailer.

What is a halo setting in engagement rings?

A halo setting on a halo engagement ring features smaller diamonds encircling the center diamond, enhancing the ring’s overall brilliance and making the center stone appear larger.

What are lab-grown diamonds, and how do they differ from natural diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments using advanced technological processes, offering a more sustainable and often more affordable option than natural diamonds, which are mined from the earth.

Can engagement rings be resized?

Most engagement rings can be resized. However, the ability to resize depends on the design and structure of the ring. We recommend discussing resizing possibilities at the time of purchase.

What is a pavé setting?

This engagement ring setting involves small diamonds set closely together, held by tiny beads of metal. The result is a glittering band that looks as if it’s paved with diamonds.

How should I store my engagement ring when not wearing it?

When not wearing your engagement ring, store it in a clean, dry place, preferably in a fabric-lined jewelry box. It’s best kept separate from other jewelry to prevent scratches.


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