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D’Errico Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry in Scarsdale, NY

D’Errico Jewelry
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Established in 1989, Richard D’Errico acquired his manufacturing skills as an apprentice while working for Harold Freeman Jewelry Manufacturing Co. from 1980 to 1988 that will eventually become a top supplier of wedding jewelry in Scarsdale, NY. Four years later, Salvatore D’Errico completed school and joined Richie at that same company. By 1986, Sal and Richard were ready to take on a venture of their own. Keeping the company close to home, the brothers set up a small manufacturing facility in a Bronx garage on the same block they had grown up in. With the combined efforts of Sal, Richie, and some friends in the trade, the business immediately flourished. By 1988, the partners established D’Errico’s Platinum Corp. and opened the Williamsbridge Road D’Errico Jewelry store one year later for wedding jewelry in Scarsdale, NY. Today, the family business agrees that its expansion is due to the “sincerity” and will to “satisfy” their customers in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner. Our store provides a wide collection of diamond engagement rings from Sylvie in Scarsdale, New York, among other types of wedding bands and jewelry and New York bridal jewelry.


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