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Marquise Classic Engagement Rings

The elongated, pointed ends of the marquise classic engagement rings give a one-of-a-kind appearance that catches the eye.

marquise engagement ring with baguettes in white gold marquise engagement ring with baguettes in white gold
marquise engagement ring sylvie marquise engagement ring sylvie
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Marquise Classic Engagement Rings

Marquise classic engagement rings are popular for those who want a statement piece without breaking the bank. The marquise cut, known as the navette cut, has an elongated shape with pointed ends resembling a boat or a football. The marquise diamond’s distinctive, elongated shape maximizes the stone’s surface area compared to other cuts of the same carat weight. It causes them to appear larger, creating the illusion of longer, slender fingers and rendering a stunning visual impact. The marquise cut classic diamond engagement rings offer versatility in terms of style and setting options. They can be set in various ways, such as solitaire settings for a minimalist and timeless look or with accent stones or pavé bands for added brilliance and glamor. The pointed ends of the marquise cut also lend themselves well to unique and intricate designs, allowing for personalization and customization to suit individual preferences.

What Makes Sylvie's Marquise Classic Engagement Rings Different

Sylvie’s marquise classic diamond engagement rings feature elegant and creative settings that highlight the beauty of the marquise-cut diamonds.

Each of the designs showcases Sylvie’s commitment to creating exquisite and distinctive engagement rings that emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the marquise-cut diamond. Such as seen in the symmetrical arrangement and combination of the diamonds in Athena and Leigh Ann to create a balanced and eye-catching look, and the simplicity of the Adorlee with the single marquise-cut diamond set on a sleek and slender band, allowing the diamond’s beauty to take center stage.

Sylvie’s craftsmanship and unique designs contribute to the allure and desirability of the marquise cut classic diamond engagement rings, making them a standout choice for those seeking a truly special and timeless engagement ring. 

Classic Marquise Engagement Rings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a marquise classic engagement ring?

A classic marquise engagement ring features a diamond cut known as the marquise cut. It is an elongated shape with pointed ends.

Are Marquise cut classic engagement rings popular?

Yes, marquise classic engagement rings are quite popular because of their striking shape and refined appearance. They give a distinct and eye-catching alternative to more traditional diamond cuts.

Are marquise diamonds more affordable compared to other cuts?

They are generally more affordable than round brilliant or princess cut diamonds of the same carat weight. The elongated shape allows maximum carat weight visibility, making them a cost-effective choice.

Are marquise diamonds prone to chipping?

While marquise diamonds are durable, their pointed ends can be more vulnerable to chipping than other cuts. Choosing a setting that protects the ends and handling the ring with care is important.

What metal options are available for marquise cut classic engagement rings?

The rings can be crafted in various metal options, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The choice of metal depends on personal preference and desired aesthetics.

Can I customize a classic marquise engagement ring?

Yes, many jewelers offer customization options for marquise classic engagement rings. You can select the metal type, choose additional accent stones or engravings, and even tailor the setting style to create a personalized ring.

What factors should I consider when buying a marquise classic engagement ring?

When buying this type of engagement ring, consider the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Also, choose an authorized retailer who certifies the diamond’s quality and offers a warranty or guarantee.

Can a marquise classic engagement ring be resized?

es, they can be resized, but it is important to work with an authorized retailer experienced in working with this diamond cut to ensure the integrity of the stone and setting. Check out our blog How Engagement Rings Should Fit for more information.

Are marquise cut classic engagement rings suitable for everyday wear?

Marquise cut classic diamond engagement rings are suitable for everyday wear but require proper care. Avoid exposing the ring to harsh chemicals or activities that could damage the diamond. Periodic cleaning and upkeep will help retain the ring in excellent condition.

Can I pair a marquise cut classic engagement ring with a wedding band?

Yes, they can be paired with various wedding band styles. Curved or contoured bands that complement the shape of the center stone are popular choices, but it ultimately depends on personal preference and desired aesthetics.


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