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Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Amanda Onalaja

Say hello and congratulations to our Sylvie bride, Amanda and her fiance, Titus! Story Titus and I met in the summer of 2018. We have careers that make living in the same city a challenge, so we’ve been long distance ever since. Through traveling together, reading books together, and lots of video chatting we have made it work! Distance is relative when it’s true love after all.   How they met?   I actually met my fiancé through a dating app! I was a third-year medical student at the time and had created a profile over the summer. I can’t

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Sarah M.

Say hello to our Sylvie Bride, Sarah M.! The Story How she became a Sylvie Bride: Trevor and I met one random weekend in Raleigh, NC through mutual friends. He was living in upstate NY and I was living in Wilmington. I wasn’t going to go out that night, and he claims that he almost didn’t come to NC. Long story short, I was talked into it, and we hit it off. I ended up meeting up with him again the following night, and again the next day. After an awesome weekend, I thought I would never hear from him

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Angela D.

Congratulations to our Sylvie bride, Angela D.! How they met Say hello to our Sylvie Bride, Angela D.! We were friends in high school. We hung out often as we had mutual friends and my older brother was in his grade and they were friendly. I’ve always had a little crush on him. I thought he was super good looking, but we both had significant others at the time. We reconnected 3 years ago and the rest was history. How she knew he was the one? I knew he was the one when he told me he had changed his mind

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Kayleigh L.

Congratulations to our Sylvie bride, Kayleigh L. How they met Say hello to our Sylvie Bride, Kayleigh L.! We met our senior year of college through a marketing class. One night in the middle of the semester, I messaged Ryan on Twitter because I didn’t have the due date of a paper that was assigned for the class. After he told me the due date, I soon found out that he had not started on the assignment, and I offered to help (which turned into me writing the paper for him, haha). To thank me for helping him with the

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Amanda S.

Say hello to our Sylvie bride, Amanda S.! Story Meet our Sylvie Bride, Amanda! Grew up in the same hometown, but didn’t start dating until I was 6 months out from graduating High School and leaving for college. We knew time was short, but we wanted to give it a shot and see where our relationship went. Eight years later, he still hasn’t left my side! How did you meet? We met my sophomore – his freshman – year of high school. We were in the same math class but didn’t talk too much back then. During my senior year,

Sylvie Bride Spotlight: Megan H.

MEET OUR BEAUTIFUL SYLVIE BRIDE MEGAN! How They Met I have had a crush on my fiancé, Luke, since middle school. For me, he had always been my mom’s friend’s cute son and the hottie in their Christmas cards. It wasn’t until last spring, however, that I officially got to meet Luke. Luke’s mom, Jane, hosted a mother-daughter weekend at her lake cabin, and with my mom and her being lifelong friends, I got the invite. It turned out that Luke and his dad, Scott, would conveniently be putting in the boat the same weekend! While the girls were enjoying


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