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How They Met

I have had a crush on my fiancé, Luke, since middle school. For me, he had always been my mom’s friend’s cute son and the hottie in their Christmas cards. It wasn’t until last spring, however, that I officially got to meet Luke. Luke’s mom, Jane, hosted a mother-daughter weekend at her lake cabin, and with my mom and her being lifelong friends, I got the invite. It turned out that Luke and his dad, Scott, would conveniently be putting in the boat the same weekend!

While the girls were enjoying their time chatting around a fire, Luke and Scott went out water skiing, brrr! When they got back I noticed Luke hopping onto a jet ski. With an elbow nudge from one of the moms and burst of courage, I yelled out, “Hey Luke, are you going to give me a ride on that jet ski?” He said sure!

I sprinted up to the cabin to put on a very unflattering wetsuit that was built for a 6+ foot man. I was on cloud nine thinking about how my middle school dream was about to come true! In my head I was telling myself to be calm and play it cool. I was so ecstatic that I didn’t realize I put on the wetsuit backwards until Luke called me out on it the second I ran down to the dock! Once we got going, Luke was leisurely driving around lake giving me a little tour of the lake. This was boring me and my need for speed could not take it any longer. I asked Luke if I could drive for a bit. Little did he know I am a bit of a wild child on a jet ski and ended up dumping the both of us into the freezing cold lake. I popped out of the water laughing hysterically first and then checked to see if Luke was okay! Leave it to me to throw my crush into the freezing cold water. Smooth!

As we got back to the cabin I felt like the happiest girl in the world. The rest of the weekend was spent with the moms and daughters. However, we all noticed Luke lurking around the girl’s cabin. Hehe! On the last night, I decided to pull another bold move and direct message Luke on Instagram to ask if he wanted to watch the sunrise with me the next morning. I kept waking up throughout the night to check my phone hoping for a response. No deal. He “didn’t see the message” until we got back home. He made up for that stunt quickly when he asked me for my number the next day and out on a date shortly after!

Little did we know that weekend at the lake was the start of our love story. I am beyond excited to go through life’s adventures together with my dream man!


1 How They Met Megan H

When She Knew He Was “The One”

The moment I knew I wanted to marry Luke was on a trip to the Rocky Mountains. After just one month of dating we decided to go on a big road trip from eastern South Dakota to Estes Park, Colorado.

After a week of some serious one on one time in the car, going on beautiful hikes, and camping together I knew he was the one for me. With all the quality time that week you would think that I would have gotten a little bored or sick of Luke, however I still couldn’t get enough of him. I truly fell in love with his sweet, selfless, determined, and hardworking personality.

2 When She Knew Megan H

The Proposal

On March 10, 2018 Luke and I spent the day at his family’s cabin on Enemy Swim. The morning was spent eating breakfast at a little café, and a round of snowmobiling around the lake.

After a quick episode of Game of Thrones in the cabin with Luke’s yellow lab, Zeus, they decided to head out for round two! I followed Luke around the lake for a while, only tipping the snowmobile over once. At one point, Luke stopped in a peculiar spot in middle of the frozen lake. He mentioned to me that this was about the spot where I had first thrown the two of us off the jet ski on the first day we met. This brought back a lot of special memories and milestones from our relationships. Luke added that this lake was the place where we had fallen in love and that this was the place where he wanted to ask me to marry him! You might be starting to see a trend here. The future Hannemanns have truly found love at the lake!

3 2 Proposal Megan H

The Ring

We purchased my dream ring at The Diamond Room in Sioux Falls, SD.

Just like every girl who day dreams of their wedding, I had a Pinterest board of engagement rings that I loved. I had been into the “stacked” look for quite some time. When I went to the jewelry store and mentioned the word “stacked” they immediately directed me to the Sylvie Jewelry. I quickly fell in love with the collection and the fun, unique bands.

My ring is a round solitaire diamond on a yellow gold Madeleina band. I love how my ring has a vintage feel with the modern style of a dainty band. My Sylvie Jewelry engagement ring has a timeless look. Though styles may change over time, I know I will adore my ring the rest of my life!


4 Ring Megan H1

Congratulations Megan and Luke, we are so happy for you and wish you the very best!

5 Congrats Megan H


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