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The History of Valentine’s Day

We all know Valentine’s Day is the day of love! It’s the most romantic day of the year for couples to shower each other with candy and flowers. We thought it would be festive of us to share a little bit of the Valentine’s Day background from who cupid is to why we celebrate the day. If you’re curious to see how Valentine’s Day earned it’s February status, keep on reading! We’ll start with Cupid, the most popular symbol of Valentine’s Day! He is known as the son of Venus who is the goddess of love and beauty. In roman

Sylvie Bride High School Sweethearts

Your first love… a love that you’ll never forget. You might not feel love for them forever, but you’ll always remember them as the first person who stole your heart. Although many don’t end up with their first love, a Sylvie Bride or two has & we’re sharing those beautiful brides and brides to be with you! We’re celebrating their love that has stood the test of time that has made them true soulmates. Mackenzie L. Mackenzie and Alex met in high school. They started dating in 2010 when they were both 15 years old. They never believed that they

Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas on a Budget

It’s almost the most romantic date night of the year! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – are you ready? If you haven’t planned anything because you’re worried about your bank account – do not worry! We have compiled of list of fun Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you and your S.O. that will not break the bank. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with that special someone! Sometimes all it takes is an old fashioned game of monopoly and a bottle of affordable wine from the grocery store. Keep on reading for


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