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Congratulations to our Sylvie bride, Angela D.!
How they met

Say hello to our Sylvie Bride, Angela D.! We were friends in high school. We hung out often as we had mutual friends and my older brother was in his grade and they were friendly. I’ve always had a little crush on him. I thought he was super good looking, but we both had significant others at the time. We reconnected 3 years ago and the rest was history.

How she knew he was the one?

sylvie bride couple

I knew he was the one when he told me he had changed his mind about going to California for his residency, which was always a dream of his.

How did he propose?

He sang my favorite country song while my dad and his dad played background guitar. The lyrics Talk about a proposal, so he made it his own. He sang “greatest love story” by Lanco and replaced the “so baby say yes to me” at the end with “so Ange say yes to me”

sylvie bride proposal

How did you choose the ring?

We were obsessed with the hidden halo setting. We wanted our stone set in a hidden halo setting with a diamond band. We wanted the halo to be perfect according to our taste, and Sylvie provided that.

sylvie bride couple

Where did you purchase the ring?

Rumanoffs in Hamden, CT

What do you love most about your Sylvie ring?

The hidden halo is so unique and makes my solitaire stone stand out!

sylvie bride couple

As a Sylvie bride, what do you say YES to in life?

I say yes to love and support for the rest of my life. Bringing our love into the world through children. Hard work and effort to always keep the spark and sharing life and creating memories with my husband!

sylvie bride couple

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