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Congratulations to our Sylvie bride, Kayleigh L.
How they met

Say hello to our Sylvie Bride, Kayleigh L.! We met our senior year of college through a marketing class. One night in the middle of the semester, I messaged Ryan on Twitter because I didn’t have the due date of a paper that was assigned for the class. After he told me the due date, I soon found out that he had not started on the assignment, and I offered to help (which turned into me writing the paper for him, haha). To thank me for helping him with the paper, Ryan invited me to his house for dinner where he had made a homemade meal of pasta, and apple pie for dessert! That night definitely started the whirlwind we’ve experienced together, and on September 30, 2018, we’ll celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

sylvie bride couple

How she knew he was the one?

Shortly into our relationship, Ryan took me to a local pumpkin patch that was showing the movie “Halloweentown” on a projector in the patch! He knew that i loved the movie, and he went out of his way to make sure that i had a great time (even packing blankets in case i was cold). After knowing me for such a short time, i knew that I would marry him because he noticed the little details about me, and made an effort to know that i was appreciated and cared for. that night, I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

sylvie bride couple
August 31, 2018 – Ryan proposed to his Sylvie bride!

Earlier in the week, Ryan asked me if I wanted to go to Cajun’s Wharf on a date Friday. Cajun’s is one of our favorite places to go, so this date didn’t seem any different to me. What I didn’t know was that Ryan had contacted my boss to ask if I could get off work early, so that I could be ready for a sunset proposal.

When Ryan got to my house, he asked if I wanted to drive by his old house on the way to eat. Even though that was a place we shared countless memories, I still didn’t know what was going on, because we’ve driven past the house a few times since Ryan moved out when we’ve been reminiscing.

sylvie bride proposal

When we got to the house, our friend Austin was there “waiting for the landlord” to show him the property since the house is currently for rent. I have to say, at this point, Ryan and Austin’s acting skills were top notch, because I had no clue that Ryan was about to propose (so much so that I kept walking away from where I needed to be, unknowingly, for the photographer to get a good shot of the proposal).

After Ryan (finally) got me into the shade, we talked about some special moments that happened while he was living at 905 Crestliner, and then Ryan asked if I wanted to make one more – which is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

sylvie bride proposal

I must’ve asked Ryan if he was serious 10 times, but it was a resounding yes, and we can’t wait to start our forever together!

How did you choose the ring?

When Ryan went to look at rings, out of the choices he was given, the Sylvie collection was where he found the best choices style-wise and he felt they were just designed the best and had everything that he was looking for in a ring (I didn’t know he was looking, let alone what he was looking for at the time haha).

sylvie bride engagement ring

Ryan chose the Sylvie Bernadine with a round centerpiece because it fit the criteria he though i would like (I love it!) and the changes he wanted to make were an option with this collection.

Bernadine – Modern Halo Engagement Ring – SY293
modern halo engagement ringWhere did you purchase the ring?

Tara and company in Searcy, Arkansas.

What do you love most about your Sylvie ring?

I love the halo around my ring, and the simple, yet classy, look that it has too it. I’ve had several people tell me that it looks like a solitaire ring from far away, and when they get closer, they love the halo detail as much as i do. It’s exactly what i wanted in a ring!

As a Sylvie bride, what do you say YES to in life?

Right now, I am saying yes to pursuing my dream of being a soccer coach. Last year, I received my first paid coaching position at a private school in little rock, Arkansas. Not only is this a goal that i wanted to achieve, but in my time at the school i have grown so much and i am learning how to be the best coach that i can be.

What does your groom love most about you?

The thing that i love most about my Sylvie bride is her unconditional love. She always pushes me to be the best man that i can be. another reason why i love her is because she can always see the best in me even at my lowest. I strive to love her as much as she loves me everyday.

sylvie bride

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