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Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends You’ll Love!

Fashion and jewelry experts have shared their ideas for summer jewelry trends and stars are downsizing jewelry this summer. Have a look at our list of what is in and what is out this season to look chic and classy this summer

February birthstone – Celebrate The Color With Amethyst

Amethyst is February’s birthstone. The word Amethyst derives from a Greek word “amethystos” meaning, not drunk. This beautiful stone is transparent with traces of the color purple which might range from a light mauve color to deep/rich purple. Sylvie Jewelry has an array of amethyst bridal jewelry to choose from for the bride who wants something unique. 

Stackable Wedding Bands Are In!

While jewelry designs don’t seem to change as drastically (or as quickly) as clothing styles, you can see trends. In the last few years, for example, we’ve seen an increase in colored diamonds used in engagement rings, and now brides are “stacking” wedding bands. Is there a reason behind this trend? And are there any “rules” to follow when stacking bands? You may have seen teenagers at the mall with bracelets stacked almost from wrist to elbow. If you ask them about the bracelets, they’ll tell you that each one says something about them or represents something that’s important to

What is the July Birthstone?

July’s birthstone is the beautiful red ruby! Red is the color of love, romance, passion, life, and “ruber” is Latin for “red.” Rubies have long been desired for their color, which, being the color of life-blood, may have led some ancients to believe the stones would protect one from bad health. Like most myths and legends surrounding gems, the ruby’s power to protect from misfortune and ill health can’t be proven, but the ruby is a fascinating jewel nonetheless.


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