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Want to make this summer shine even brighter? How about popping the question on the beach with the sound of the waves in the background? What a beautiful setting for a beautiful couple! But, wait! You need the perfect summer ring to go with it.  Since it’s the season to heat things up, a summer wedding proposal is just the addition you need for your romantic moment.

Summer is a time for adventure and trying new things, which is why the spiral ring is just the ring for the season. Taking a modern twist on a classic more traditional style. Our unique spiral engagement rings range from features that include spiral shanks to high-polish and diamond bands.

Gabrielle – Unique spiral halo engagement ring – S1703

Unique spiral halo engagement ringThe Gabrielle is a stunning spiral halo engagement ring complete with a yellow gold shank and a 1-carat round center. What makes this ring so unique are the features that differentiates it from a traditional piece. From the spiral band to the mixing of metals, this is the perfect engagement ring to be little more adventurous with for those hot, summer months! Yellow gold and rose gold are favorites among consumers – mixing metals is something you should consider if you’re looking for a more unique piece!

Yasmine – High Polish spiral engagement ring – S1524

High Polish spiral engagement ringTake on the summer with this beautiful spiral Yasmine. We love a great mix of traditional and modern with this classic solitaire ring. With a twist! This engagement ring features a 1-carat round center and has spiraling diamonds that cascade down the high polish shank. A traditional solitaire like the diamond in this ring are designed with a single diamond in the center.  The features in the solitaire are usually made to showcase the beauty of the stone. This is what gives this ring not only a unique feel, but it’s truly what differentiates it from the rest of the solitaire engagement rings.

Ava – Modern Spiral Engagement ring with Halo – S1723

Modern Spiral Engagement ring with HaloThe Ava is a beauty in of itself! This engagement ring is set with our signature cushion halo.  Don’t forget about the stunning diamonds that spiral down the shank of the ring. This beauty features a 1-carat round center and is the ideal match for somebody who loves a mix of diamonds and platinum metal. The halo features a border of smaller diamonds surrounding the stone set in the center. The Ava has just one halo, but many of our rings including this one can be designed with more than one halo. The halo not only emphasizes the beauty of the thing, but also the sparkle and size of the center stone, which ultimately gives you the look of a larger stone.

Oval shaped spiral engagement ring with halo – S1603

Oval shaped spiral engagement ringWe’re pumping up the volume here on our summer engagement ring list with this stunning 2-carat oval spiral ring! This beauty is wrapped in a halo of diamonds and they continue down the intertwining bands much like most of the spiral engagements rings shown here. However, what makes this ring unique is the shape of the center stone. The oval is a perfectly symmetrical design that is cut with 56 facets – its brilliance is like that of the round center stone. This elongated oval shape reflects light beautifully, which is why this piece is perfect for sweet summertime. The spiral cascade of diamonds really gives that ethereal, romantic quality to a ring that goes so well with a summertime sunset proposal.

Coralie – Modern Spiral Engagement Ring – S1724

Modern Spiral Engagement RingCircling back to the beginning of this list, mixing metals is a feature that makes these engagement rings unique, fun and sets them outside of the box! Like the Ava, this gorgeous engagement ring features a brilliant 1-carat center diamond with a single halo around the stone. Of course, with most of these spirals the diamonds cascade down the band, but in this case, they wrap around the rose gold instead. This is the perfect mix of colors between elegance and glamour that we love to see in an engagement ring. Propose with this on a summertime day on the bay or at the beach and she’ll be sure to say yes!

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