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What’s Trending for 2019?

Social media is one of the fastest changing forms of technology. From new trends to innovative updates, the New Year is all about starting off fresh with new goals to boost your social media presence and keep a strong brand loyalty! As a business or retailer, your number one priority in the new year should be to stay up to date and incorporate all social media trends and updates that come your way. You want to stay ahead of the game because a strong online presence will only bring more success in all departments.


Social Listening

Social listening or monitoring is simply finding and following all mentions of a particular brand through keywords. This can be social media posts that are untagged, mentions on twitter, written about on blogs/news, reviewed on Facebook, etc. The real benefit of using a tool that monitors social media for you is to catch every mention and comment that is made about your brand that you might miss. You will in turn answer customers back quickly, which will boost your social interaction as well as reputation online. In 2019, this tool will become one of the leading ways to boost your online sales and customer interaction. Although right now not many brands partake in social listening, it is becoming more popular in the new year and will rise as social media continues to change and grow. Hootsuite and Social Sprout are just two of the companies you can use to help you monitor all of your social mentions going in the new year!

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Video Content

Video is where it’s at and 2019 and is no different! At the Sylvie Jewelry, we incorporate all sorts of video content on our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube! Videos online in any type of platform, whether it be Snapchat, Instagram story, or YouTube, is on the rise and it’s beginning to dominate the market of social media.

  • Millennials’ mobile consumption has now eclipsed their live TV consumption (comScore, 2018)
  • Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store (ThinkWithGoogle)
  • 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases
  • Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say video has given them ideas for purchases, and more than 90% of them say they’ve discovered these products and brands on YouTube (Google, 2018)

Statistics: Blue Corona

Live videos has become the way to interact with customers, display demos and tutorials, and advertise promotions right here and right now! Although the trend began on YouTube, live video as well as 24 hour video snippets have taken over Facebook, Instagram, as well as apps such as, Snapchat. There is an authenticity when it comes to incorporating live videos into your marketing campaigns and branding. Integrating video content allows you to become more relatable to the customer and lets them connect with you on a more personal level. When they feel comfortable and connected to you as a brand, they are more likely to purchase your product and build brand loyalty with you. Engaging and innovating is what social media is all about – it’s ever changing and creating exciting content that they can watch instead of reading will boost sales and create a strong relationship with your customers and prospective clients. Videos can simply be shot on your phone to let your customers know about a new promotion or to even show off a product in real time.

Personal Branding

Put a face to the name and customers will flock to you. Creating a personal connection with your customers or readers’ like with videos is essential in 2019. Going into the New Year you want to establish or keep relationships strong so they continue to purchase from you after the holiday season. As with videos, establishing that relatable image through personal branding will help you sell without every conversation having to be a sales pitch. They in turn will trust you more and you will build a clientele that will follow you anywhere as a brand. In 2019, that is so important with ever changing marketing and new brands popping up every day. If you can include personal testimonials or even have someone who can interact with your customer base online and in-store will increase your likability. Brands such as, Progressive use Flo to break the barrier between customer and brand to create a smoother flow when interacting. Although she isn’t real in the sense, many people recognize the brand and keep coming back because of the idea that there is always a customer service agent there ready to help you. For jewelry retailers, this can be a blogger or a social media influencer.

social media marketing

For a brand this means using geographic and content based ads and promotions to entice your customers. For instance, if they have been searching for solitaire engagement rings online, sending an email to them that is personalized with similar styles will not only make their search easier, but it will let them know that you are there to help and care about their wants and needs. Although it can come off as “knowing too much”, the internet already has all of your information anyways and customer’s won’t stray from the benefits because they outweigh the cons.

youtube social mediaStories on all platforms

Stories have taken over social media in more ways than one. From live videos to 24 hour video snippets, the stories feature on all platforms has blown up. Starting on Snapchat, stories was born allowing you to make small video chats to interact with your users, friends, customer base, etc. You were able to add filters and augment your appearance when you weren’t feeling yourself. However, now? It is so much more than that! Stories has reached Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even is being tested on platforms such as, LinkedIn. Personal interaction, engaging, and in the now, stories allows you to demo products, talk to your customers about promos happening right now, promote events, and even serves as a platform now for social media influencers to sell through swipe up links and advertising their posts. In 2019, with the crazy algorithm that Instagram and Facebook have adapted, the new way of getting information and interacting with your fan/customer base will be through stories! Don’t waste any time because you can be right in front of your readers’ immediately with products that will boost your sales and create that strong bond.

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