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Garnet — that lovely, deep-red, semi-precious gem that serves as January’s birthstone actually comes in a variety of colors — orange, green, and black to name just a few. And if you think that’s all you didn’t know about this lovely stone, you might be surprised to learn that it has a history rich in fascinating legend and lore, as well.

Highly Prized Possession

The glamorous garnet has been traced back to at least ancient Egypt, where necklaces bearing this most prized of possessions were buried along with the Pharaohs, but folklore suggest that its beauty was discovered long before even Tutankhamen. Garnet may have traveled on Noah’s Ark and may even have been gifted to King Solomon.

Sacred Stone

The history of garnet is long and varied. Many Native American tribes considered garnet to be a sacred stone — one that concealed lightening inside it’s crimson depths, while several tribes in Asia used the stone as a weapon in place of ammunition — in hopes it would inflict maximum damage to opponents. Today, this stone is associated with various attractive, metaphysical properties such as healing and regeneration. Some credit it with almost magical powers — for everything from increasing creativity to improving relationships.

Mesmerizing Choice

Regardless of whether you believe everything you hear about the stone, garnet does possess the power to boost your relationship status with your significant other. It’s difficult to resist the attraction of its deep, mesmerizing color — especially when encased in a sparkly setting like our white gold, surrounded by tiny, glittering diamonds.

Semi-precious gemstone jewelry is making a comeback, not for it’s affordability, but for it’s vivid color and intense hue. And we have an abundant selection from which to choose — all nestled in stunning settings to please every personality.


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