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We all know Valentine’s Day is the day of love! It’s the most romantic day of the year for couples to shower each other with candy and flowers. We thought it would be festive of us to share a little bit of the Valentine’s Day background from who cupid is to why we celebrate the day. If you’re curious to see how Valentine’s Day earned it’s February status, keep on reading!

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We’ll start with Cupid, the most popular symbol of Valentine’s Day! He is known as the son of Venus who is the goddess of love and beauty. In roman mythology, cupid is known as the god of affection. Which is why it makes sense for him to be the symbol of love. Legend states that whoever gets hit by cupids magical love arrows will cause the two people to fall deeply in love! We say bring on all the arrows for V-Day.


Valentine’s Day originated from a very old tradition within Roman festivals. The most popular myth is that St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the third century AD. The story states that Emperor Claudius had banned marriage because he thought married men made bad soldiers. However, our very own Valentine didn’t feel this was fair and he would marry couples in secret. When the emperor found out, Valentine was taken to jail and sentenced to death. In jail, he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer and was taken to be killed on February 14th. On the day of his beheading, he left his lady a love letter signed, “from your Valentine.” Not such a candy and flowers kind of story, but still star crossed lovers is romantic as ever!

It’s been said that during part of the Roman festival celebrations, boys drew names of girls from a box. They’d then be boyfriend and girlfriend during the festival and sometimes they’d get married. The church wanted to turn this festival into a Christian celebration and they also decided to use it to remember St Valentine too. Later, in time, St Valentine’s name started to be used by people to express their feelings to those they loved as Happy Valentine’s Day!

In modern day art, during the 14th and 17th centuries, painters created a symbol of cupid as an angel baby with a diaper on. He would carry a heart shaped arrow that had an end to make people fall in love, but also had a blunt edge that would make people fall out of it. The same baby began to appear on cards and Valentine’s Day memorabilia during the late 1800’s. This is the symbol of Valentine’s Day that in 2020 we notice the most and make that love connection.

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There are many versions of the Saint Valentine, some more gory than others, but in all the same it was a story of true love. Sometimes the story, although dark and grim, leads to a celebration of love instead of the focus of death. We want to focus on the love that Valentine had for his lover and that is where the romance truly comes from. How would you want to spend your Valentine’s Day? We want to know how you feel about this story? Too dark & grim? or romantic and fairy tale like! We say romantic and a fairy tale of unfortunate circumstances, but it did lead to the most romantic day of the year so we’ll celebrate St. Valentine any time!


History of Valentine’s Day

Story of Cupid

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