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With proposal season on its way, it’s important for your brand to be recognized online. Increasing your online marketing is a priority with the busy season coming up. When customers hear your brand name, does your logo pop in their head? What colors or themes do they associate with your store? You may have your logo on your storefront, a local billboard, in a magazine, and even on your promotional giveaways, but how consistent is your branding online? Have you updated all of your social media pages with the consistent colors and images? What about those old logos you never removed from your website or Facebook page? Are they still showing up in a Google image search?

Getting your image together online can be just as important as your stores appearance. Every touch point counts, and you need to leave no stone unturned so here are 8 ways you can strengthen your online marketing right now!


We know you can’t be everything, to everyone, everywhere. But, you can be everywhere online! There are so many platforms to market your brand it can be overwhelming at times, but the key is consistency. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great social media platforms to show off your products and the products of the brands you sell. Sharing and promoting product from the Sylvie Jewelry for instance, can turn into a customer coming in and viewing one in-store. Make sure your profiles are consistent by having the same look and logo across all your main profile and cover images and stay up to date with social media stories. Utilizing Instagram and Snapchat Stories help to keep that relationship strong between you are your audience for when it’s time for them to think PROPOSAL.

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Social media helps validate your brand and consistency in imagery shows your consumers that you are a growing company with strong marketing/communication skills. You want to cross-promote your brand across different social media channels to get your consumers connected on as many platforms as possible, and that images from your stores brand are easily recognizable online.


Even if you think you have all your ducks in a row, you would be shocked at how many times someone clicks on a link and it doesn’t go to the right place. Does your link still include “www”? Most social platforms do not require that you include this when showcasing your web address and some, such as Facebook, do not even require an http tag when posting a link either. Common links users often forget include your Instagram bio, your Pinterest bio and your Twitter bio. *** PRO TIP: Change the URL’s when you have contests or promotions to boost awareness, but don’t forget to change them back when you’re done! 


Online marketing 101: when it comes to online marketing, you only get one shot at making a first impression. Unfortunately, that one shot can happen in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds! Put your best foot forward by using your top selling products on all your profile and cover images to easily grab the attention of potential customers. Tag your brands, utilize their hashtags, promote them on social media – make sure your audience knows the brand, what you’re selling, and how they can buy them. Make sure these products are easy to locate on your main website and that all your links are active. This way if they see it on social media, they’ll be able to easily take the next step towards the purchase.


Showcasing your logo can not be stressed enough when it comes to online marketing! Using your logo consistently is marketing 101 but sometimes we forget in the rush of trying to get something out there. Don’t forget to use the logo and hashtags of your brands as well! Make sure people know that if they see a Sylvie Jewelry engagement ring on Instagram that they know it is Sylvie. But forgetting can cause more damage than you think. If someone re-posts your photo without tagging you or sharing it from your original page, it could go viral and no one would ever know it was yours! Every image you put out there needs to have your logo on it in some shape or form, whether it is your full logo or just your company’s subtle watermark, it must always be included!

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Networking is important in all aspects of life, but when it comes to branding, it’s even more important. In order to gain as many new consumers and followers you want, you need to engage with your network and build relationships on a global scale. Step out of your bubble and connect directly with your audience. Become the brand.


What’s your M.O.? Your companies core competencies, taglines, and motto should stretch across the world wide web. A tagline or catch phrase, and a logo will always be the first thing people think about when considering your brand. For instance, when posting Sylvie Jewelry, utilize their hashtags, #SylvieCollection and #SomethingSylvie or their tagline, By a Woman, For a Woman. Use it consistently, especially when addressing complaints and reviews. You want it to be catchy so that it stands out in the consumers mind but most importantly, you want to be able to practice what you preach.

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Your motto reflects your company’s personality and professionalism online so every interaction you have should be consistent with your brands message. If you tout customer service, then you need to back it up and show your online audience that questions and reviews are answered immediately. If your tagline is “The Best Jewelry Store in Pleasantville” then you better explain why in your bio and look the part by buttoning up your imagery.


Consistent communication and a clear, unique brand voice is all you need to stay top of mind with your customers online. Take some time to research what content and imagery your audience reacts to the most and build your online strategy accordingly. Did they prefer when you posted a “silly” or “funny” caption with your photo? Or is your audience more traditional? Maybe they prefer a softer, more subdued persona. CONNECT with your audience. Are you known as the jeweler who gives back to your community? If so, post your efforts on a regular basis to keep the momentum going and solidify your brand. It will involve a lot of communication and time, but it’s key to building a successful brand online.


It’s important to be aware of ALL your online listings. Investing in reputation management software or a management firm can help with this by identifying every place your brand or store name is listed and or spoken of. Is your address on Google maps up to date? What about your information on Yelp? There’s nothing worse then being on the way to buying a gorgeous piece of jewelry and getting directed to a local used car lot instead because the address on Google maps was not up to date.

So there you have it, follow these 8 steps and you’ll be on your way to building effective and long lasting brand recognition online!


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