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You’re proposing during the best time of year and it honestly can’t get more perfect than that! Get ready for amazing fall foliage backdrops and the opportunity to use a pumpkin to propose, which if you ask us is essential for a Halloween proposal! If you aren’t set on a proposal idea or even an engagement ring, then keep on reading for some great Halloween proposal tips and our gorgeous halo engagement rings perfect for the spookiest time of year!

Mirabelle – Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring – S1356

halloween white gold engagement ring

You’re looking for a stunning ring that’ll make the statement of the season? This gorgeous vintage inspired quality engagement ring for women is everything we could have ever asked for! This intricately detailed diamond ring is perfect for the holidays and even better for her glam bride costume if you propose on Halloween. The sparkling 1.5 carat center stone is nestled inside a stunning cushion shaped halo that adds all the glam. With milgrain details on each side of the shank and a total carat weight of 1.11 carats, this stunning engagement ring is the perfect treat for Halloween!

Pumpkin Proposal

Carving a pumpkin with the words, “Will you marry me?” – although overdone – it’s just a classic and you can’t go wrong with it. There are so many ways you can incorporate the carved pumpkin into your proposal to make it more unique to your own story. You can pre-carve a pumpkin and take it to the patch beforehand and surprise her with it on a pumpkin patch date. You can have a pumpkin carving night and not let her see your pumpkin until your down. When she sees the carved pumpkin with those special words, she’ll be ecstatic.

Halloween Proposal Pumpkin

Photo credit: www.abeautifulmess.com

Planning a proposal that takes time and adds sentiment, will show your bride how much she means to you and that’s all you really want. Another great idea is to have your carved pumpkins set on your porch pre-party. Once she arrives and sees the pumpkins and you down on one knee, it’ll go down in Halloween proposal history. Again, the possibilities are endless so don’t worry about being cliche!

Quinn – Vintage Inspired Halo Engagement Ring – S1789

Vintage White Gold engagement ring

For the spookiest time of year, we have the perfect antique inspired vintage engagement ring that your Halloween loving lady will love. This gorgeous white gold engagement ring brings all the ghostly vibes and we are all about it. Loving this 1 carat center stone surrounded by a beautiful Sylvie halo with milgrain detail accents that bring the vintage back to life. If your bride is into something a little more traditional, but with modern accents then this 0.40 carats engagement ring is definitely for her!

Haunted House

This is definitely for the thrill seeker bride who loves a spooky haunted house. This is such a original idea that many before you may not have thought of it. The more unique the better when it comes to more cliche Halloween proposals so we say you’d get a big win with this one. Take her to a haunted house where you can work with the company or the people putting on the event. Maybe have them set up a glowing sign at the end of the house that says her name with, “Will you marry me?” or have her going through with her friends and when she gets to the end you are waiting for her on one knee. It’ll spook her and surprise her all at the same time. If she’s a true spooky Halloween lady, she’ll love it! We don’t recommend this proposal for the faint hearted though.

Halloween proposal haunted house

Photo credit: www.myfamilytravels.com

Coralie – Modern Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – S1724

Modern engagement ring

A modern spiral with a twist! If your bride wants to stray from the norm and go for an custom engagement ring that reflects her fun personality, this spiral halo engagement ring is right for her. This modern spiral engagement ring can be customized with any shape/setting preference. You can also go for a mixed metal look that fits perfectly with the fall time colors. A rose and white gold spiral shank can really add to the uniqueness of this engagement ring. With a total weight of 0.23 carats and a sparkling signature halo, this engagement ring is a classic with a twist that she’ll love forever!

Customized Candy

Halloween proposal candy

Photo credit: www.plumeetruban.blogspot.com

What’s better than candy on Halloween, well diamonds of course! Now customized candy for your Halloween proposal is pretty up there. This is such a cute and unique idea that your bride to be will never see coming. With certain brands you can make your own customize versions (printing her name or Will you marry me) on them. She’ll already be eating candy even if you guys are at a party and she won’t find it weird when you offer her some. Popping the question in such a sweet way will speak volumes if your lady is a hopeless romantic. Try out this trick by spelling out, “Will you marry me?” or getting down on one knee and holding up the candy instead of the ring. Such a sweet gesture and she’s sure to say yes!

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