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Looking to make your Instagram stand out? Attract a new demographic or establish brand loyalty online? Today we’re talking about metrics, layouts, and imagery that will boost your follower count and in turn hopefully your sales! We’re talking specifically Instagram business because if you’re not on it, you NEED to get started today. It is so vital in today’s day and age to establish a market of online readers/viewers even if you don’t sell online. Don’t miss out on some of our tips and tricks on how to create a killer Instagram layout and increase your follower count!

Define your target audience

Defining your target market can be a relatively easy task. If you’re a jewelry retailer, you already know who buys from you just based on sales and in-store interactions. Take it a couple steps further though and do some competitor research, determine your online target market, and figure out what they want to see from you based on the content that other competitors are posting.

Instagram analytics

If you are looking to reach a particular target market, this is achievable through all your social channels. Paying for advertising is a great way to target posts to a particular market such as, women in their late 20s early 30s. We are able to go as specific to where they live and what kind of women they are. On the go, moms, dating, etc. Finding your niche market will not only help you advertise more specifically, but it will be helpful when on the store selling in-store as well.

Establish a layout

Come up with a strategy on how you’re going to post, what you’re going to post, and when. There are two best practices we follow to do this: create a fake account and post there before you post real time or utilize thepreviewapp.com for Instagram. Both of these strategies are great ways to keep tabs on your layout (what looks good and flows seamlessly) before you post.

preview app

With the preview app you can design your feed before you post. Drag and drop photos, rearrange at your leisure, and utilize editing software and themes. All of these features will only help you to create an Instagram page that will attract your market as well as reach other people who aren’t yet familiar with your brand. An aesthetic feed will look professional, be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as attract more viewers and in turn customers. If you don’t wish to download an app, you can use Instagram to create another username that you use to lay out photos.

instagram feed

With this option you won’t be able to drag and drop, but you can upload photos to see how they will look next to each other before posting. You want to create a layout that shows variety as well as advertises your main products. While it’s great to post stackable bands and engagement rings, it is important to incorporate more lifestyle shots and hand shots to tell a story. Show people how the product looks on a hand because that will always perform better than a static image. Incorporating video of course is #1 when utilizing Instagram and any other social media channels. Knowing where to place them though will make or break your feed so get strategizing!

Content, Content, Content!

Come up with a formula: video of customer in-store, an image of engagement rings from a particular brand in your store, event coverage, a promotion deal, or sale, an image of engagement rings on a customer or on a hand. You don’t want to hands in the same position next to each other because it’ll look too similar. You want to break it up and post content that is unique and aesthetically pleasing to the tie on its own and in a group.

instagram feed

We’re telling a story through our imagery while still posting as much product as we can. When it comes to jewelry retailers, posting photos of couples, posting rings on sale, any promotions, videos in-store, event coverage, etc. will help your Instagram grow and boost your brand awareness.

Stay on top of analytics

Pay attention to your metrics! This is key when trying to grow your social media following. Knowing how you’re doing and if your posts are doing well will determine how you can tweak it each week. If you’re posting regularly, which is super important, following your engagement, follower count, reach, as well as click through rate on paid posts will keep you at the top of your game. Make sure if that week you didn’t get as high of a reach you pay attention to when is the best time to post. For instance, if your lowest views is around 3pm, don’t post at that time. Maybe post your videos at night because your followers average more screen time at 8pm. Following what your target market is doing will help you find them at the right times. This will in turn allow for more reactions, likes, and hopefully followers.

instagram analytics

If you’re interested in hearing more of our tips and tricks to be at the top of your social media game, keep a look out for a Part 2 all about utilizing stories on your social media channels! You don’t want to miss it, we’ll be talking Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube Stories.

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