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The new year is approaching and we are so ready for 2019! We’re compiling a list of what engagement ring trends you can expect to see in 2019. When it comes to sparkling diamonds, we have got you covered here at the Sylvie Jewelry. Whether you are currently on the hunt for an unique engagement ring or are scoping out ideas for a proposal in the future, get ahead of the game with our top picks! Check out what is #Trending below!

Vintage Engagement Rings
vintage inspired oval engagement ring syl vie collection S1409

As trends come, go, and cycle back through, vintage inspired engagement rings will always be in style. Our vintage engagement rings are a mix of modern and antique elements, which is why most of our brides go for them. In 2019, the vintage trend will continue with vintage inspired cuts such as, oval, emerald and marquise. These cuts appear larger and work with any season throughout the year. The S1409 oval cut engagement ring is our Ring of the Year! A gorgeous intricately designed shank with a larger than life oval cut center stone nestled within a sparkling halo. This engagement ring will live on through its several features that keep it bright and sparkling year after year. These styles also look great as a solitaire or a halo engagement ring, which makes it versatile for more brides. If your bride to be is into vintage glam then this trend is definitely for her.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Elongated shapes are in and they aren’t going anywhere! These oval cut stones are not only glamorous, but they stand out on their own. When it comes to engagement ring trends, these oval solitaire engagement rings like the S2093 above, appear larger, sparkle brighter than most, and work for any season. They are glamorous for your holiday parties and Although an oval cut engagement ring with halo just adds more sparkle and shine so who would say no to that? These stones tend to run more affordable – you get a larger ring for a more affordable price – we’re definitely in! Our gorgeous oval cut engagement rings are leaving 2018 with a bang and starting 2019 on everybody’s radar.

solitaire oval engagement ring sylvie S2093

Stackable Wedding Bands
IMG 4803

Stackable bands have become the new wedding band. They are modern, fun, and fashionable, which is what most brides are looking for in wedding sets these days. The trend of mixing metals and using different colored gems in place of diamonds is on the rise as well. Our stackable bands at the Sylvie Jewelry come in three different metals, Rose, Yellow and White Gold and also include diamonds and sometimes other gemstones to mix it up. These bands make for a more modern looking set rather than the traditional matching wedding band. Keep the engagement ring trends going into 2019 by mixing metals between your engagement ring and wedding band. Add a ruby and diamond stackable band to a white gold solitaire for a look that is one of a kind. In 2019, our brides are breaking fashion rules and we are totally here for it.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

S1093 3 IN 11

Classics are always in and that’s where our solitaire engagement ring trends fit in. Let’s be honest, our sparkling solitaires are our best sellers and will always be at the top of the fashion cycle each year. Our solitaire engagement rings stand out with a center diamond that sits comfortable on its own. Mixing metals between white, rose, and yellow gold takes a more understated traditional look and puts a modern spin on it.

solitaire engagement rings sylvie S1093

Mixing metals or changing up the band such as, adding a spiral to a solitaire engagement ring, is another way to make the engagement ring more unique for your bride. The S1093 is our best selling engagement ring of the year and will continue to be a mix of classic and modern for many more brides to be in 2019. Styles change, but the classics are always there for you!

Gemstone Engagement Rings
IMG 1926 800x800

We’re predicting that the gemstone trend will definitely carry over into 2019. Colored diamonds and gemstones are the perfect match for our brides to be who want something one of a kind. They are fashionable and eclectic and don’t want the traditional diamond that most brides love. Mixing metals in the setting with a sparkling gemstone center stone is even better. Similar to this halo engagement ring above, the yellow gold stackable band setting with the white gold halo and pink sapphire gemstone, this gorgeous engagement ring is perfect for the trendsetter bride. She loves color and wants to stand out among the crowd. Although a risky choice for a classic bride, gemstones such as, rubies and sapphires, add an element of surprise especially when they are used to decorate the shank or add pops of color to the diamond center. Wow everybody with this modern look and make a statement like no other bride has done before!

There you have it! Our 2019 engagement ring trends that will make your New Year brighter! Check out all these styles and trends on!

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