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Have you found an engagement ring that you love, but you wish it had a gemstone center or a filigree shank? With the Sylvie Jewelry, you’ll never face that problem! Our custom engagement rings come in all three metals, 14k, 18k, and platinum and are completely customizable to your  preferences. With over 2,000 styles to choose from, it has never been easier to customize your ring. With endless customization options, no two custom engagement rings will look exactly alike so each bride can receive a ring as unique and special as her. That’s why customizing with Sylvie is the way to go!

In this case, we’re talking strictly pear shaped engagement rings! These diamond rings are elegant, timeless yet modern, & give off that unique feel most brides are looking for. Add a morganite stone or a filigree shank and you’ve hit the jackpot! We can use the center of one pear shaped engagement ring and mix it with the shank of another. The possibilities are endless with the Sylvie Jewelry. From solitaire pear shaped engagement rings to vintage pear styles, were showing you multiple ways to customize your pear shaped engagement ring!

Side Stones

Adding pear shaped side stones can add a vintage feel to your halo engagement ring. They can range from gemstone, to spiral, and even be added to a solitaire engagement ring. These pear shaped stones add character and uniqueness to your Sylvie engagement ring. These two examples below showcase the mix of two different shapes from pear and cushion to oval and pear. Such a great mix of shapes that will make your custom engagement ring one of a kind.

S4110 S1912 OV

S4110                                                                      S1912

Adding a Gemstone

Gemstone unique engagement rings are rich in colorful hues and chic for the trendy bride. They feature timeless and unique elements that any modern bride would love. Mix them with a pear shaped engagement ring for that unique touch that’ll seal the deal. Your unique gemstone engagement ring will be the most memorable piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear. It’s something you’ll have forever and cherish for a lifetime. At the Sylvie Jewelry, we’re known for our dazzling pear shaped engagement rings that are both timeless and sentimental. From our unique gemstone center stones to mixed metals, there are gemstone pear shaped engagement rings for every kind of bride at the Sylvie Jewelry.

morganite pear engagement ring sylvie collection NEW gemstone custom engagement ring sylvie

Pear Shaped Custom Engagement Ring          Tanzanite Custom Gemstone Engagement Ring

Different Shanks

Our shanks are completely interchangeable among our engagement rings. You can take the shank of one of our rings and add it to a pre-existing ring. For instance, the rose gold pear shaped engagement ring has the shank of our S1747 with the head of one of our floral engagement rings. With the spiral engagement ring, the spiral setting from our S1524 is a mix with the head of our pear shaped engagement ring, S1199. The combinations are endless and you can truly customize your pear shaped engagement ring with whichever shank you like.

pear shaped engagement ring sylvie S1747 2 pear oval halo engagement ring sylvie

Custom S1747                                                       Custom Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

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